Saturday, 26 July 2008

In Sicily!

 Hey everyone!
Thanks for all your comments on the below post! I got loads considering i didn't get chance to comment anyone recently! Thanks :D
Anyway! Im leaving for Sicily in a few hours so I wont be posting for 3 weeks. 
But ill manage to get online once in a while n leave ya some comments
Love you all!
Adele x

Sunday, 13 July 2008


So i'm starting university in october, which is only in 2 months... and when I think about it like that, its not that far away untill my whole life changes! Hopefully for the best. So naturally I've been worrying about what im going to wear! Because meeting new people... first impressions and stuff, scary lol! So I've been looking through my stored collection of runway images from February to get some inspiration of what stuff i'm going to be buying before I leave for uni...
its a bit difficult considering all the highstreet shops are still going mad about summer and spring lol.
Colours to look out for:
  • Greys
  • Black
  • Nude/Cream
  • Gold
Pretty simple really, but thats how I like it lol... so here are some of my favorite outfits from fashion week in February to inspire me lol...
chanel, alexander wang, zac posen
alexander wang, nina ricci, alexander mcqueen
Also ill be looking out for
  • Fringe
  • Silk
  • Simple/casual high waisted skirts
  • Light grey tights
  • Maybe a white blazer
  • Pleats
  • Graphic tees
  • Blouses
So heres my wishlist so far...

Well thats not exactly what i'm going to buy but on that level...
So has everyone else started thinking about there autumn wardrobe?

Monday, 7 July 2008

Summers coming!

Thanks for everyones nice comments =] The post sounded like I was fishing for compliments, i really wasn't I just needed a good moan!

Anyway! so im going on holiday in 3 weeks! To Sicily to stay with family. Its not very nice where my house is, not very glamorous but i just love it because its a small little town where everyone knows everyone and its boiling hot! And you feel part of the country rather than a tourist! Well because ive left college & i dont have a job (haha) everything I do is preparing for my holiday... I convinced my dad to by a exercise bike instead of renewing my gym membership because im leaving home soon and i HATE the gym lol so now i spend like an hour on my exercise bike everyday while everyones out :) Im growing all my body hair so it can all be waxed off 2 days before I go lol I love the summer! So all the women in my family... my 2 aunties, my mom and my lil cousin ellie all went shopping in Birmingham saturday, so much fun lol I wasn't really summer shopping because ive got most of my stuff but I went to see if theres anything for Uni in the sales... I found this Blazer in Oasis... £45 reduced from £70... and then i looked at the tag again n it was reduced to £30, and then at the till it was £20! What a bargin!

My hair is a complete state! Im thinking about having it all chopped off. Well of corse not all of it, im thinking shoulder length? or just abit longer all one level. Because its much longer at the back.
What style do you think I could have my hair cut?
P.S Since I've started blogging i've started reading loads.. I've started reading 'The Basketball Diaries' and I think its great but im stopping reading it so I can enjoy it on the sun in Sicily :) So Im now reading 'This Boy's Life' which was another film that Leonardo Dicaprio was in... anyone read any of these?

Monday, 30 June 2008


Blog about letting your feelings out right?
I have no fashion inspiration, I feel like everything in my wardrobe is dated and unfashionable. I feel fat. & short. I want a nose job & thicker hair. I want to look like Megan Fox n have Rachel Bilson's wardrobe. My hair is thining and I have chapped lips due to the side efects of an acne tablet ive been taking (which hasn't been working, I still have shitty skin) all this leads to me being boyfriendless, a situation ive come to terms with and only really upsets me if I think deeply about it. I have a beautiful best friend who can be with any guy she wants, moaning to me about love & sex... and I start to question our 15 year friendship as she let's out her boring, shallow & empty self. & this is all we talk about. She doesnt have anything logical and non selfish to say. She has no idea I think so low of her & I laugh as she thinks she has ambition but won't get anywhere in life if she can't last a few days without sex.
God how were different but I still love her :)

Now ive got that off my chest :) I can once again apologise for my lack of blogging... I have no excuses =]I left college last week :( was quite sad, the photography department was in the basement cut off from the rest of the college so everyone down there kinda felt like family... And now il never go down again : ( good news though I got Distinction x 3 on my final major project (thats highest mark you can get) which gets me into university! Whey getting nervous now!!

I haven't really got any great to share with you... just my love for Leonardo Dicaprio this week. I watched 'The Basketball Diaries' for the first time. I watched it because I love New York films, i also think Leonardo & Mark Wahlberg are great. I enjoyed the film so much it inspired me to watch all of Leonardo's films lol which reminded me how much I love 'The Departed' seriously I could never get bored of this film!

oo ooh i watched WANTED... I was real excited for this film... me being a big James Mcavoy fan! I loved it to... it was abit stupid and bizzare in some places but end of the day I enjoyed it :) A

Friday, 13 June 2008

£12 Primark Dress

£12 dress from primark
how could i leave it in the shop lol! I don't go to primark much but when I do i always find some kind of bargin that belongs on my blog lol the photos don't do it justice because its got like a netting under neath the skirt which i love. Im thinking of wearing it to that wedding? and ill add the cardigan for my mates 18th im thinking black tights black shoes i dunno lol! (i really need a tan!)
argh so i haven't been blogging for a while again, my life is totally stressful at the moment... I leave college a week on Wednesday :( and my final major project had to be in today (remember the dance one?) so everything been a bit mad and sad, I've been on my photography course for 2 years and I can't believe its over! There's only 7 people in my class but some of them are fantastic people, we all live quite far away from each other so its not likely  ill see some of them again :( end of an era! lol
Well heres my final piece, this is an actual photo of the wall presentation because I don't have the images on my laptop, so doesn't show it that well. In my brief it said '& finalize your project by presenting your images on the wall in a visual exciting way' well i'm a creative person rather than an artist person (which means i cant deal with glue an scissors lmao) so the top images have like cool glitter borders and cropped in a mad way, and you cant see but on the big photo i have attached rhinestones on the costume over the top of the original rhinestones.

What you think? well you can't really judge from that pic lol

Anyway... so yeah I've noticed some of you are Shia Labeouf fans? well any of you seen the film 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints?' its one of my favorite films ever so I decided to read the book! and it was amazing I loved it! so just writing to recommend the book if u enjoyed film :)

Just to finish... I ordered the white Ed hardy cap =] I understand why most of you don't like Ed Hardy... i guess its fashionable but isn't stylish or trendy if that makes sense, but I like to wear Ed Hardy on days where I just like to chill without worrying about what I'm wearing you know? what you guys wear on days like that?

AND! I know it was a while ago... butt... George Sampson won!! whey! i was so happy :D

Saturday, 31 May 2008


I promise to update more =]
I've even had a week holiday from college and haven't had the desire to blog lol!
I was hoping to post a fashion post but ive had no inspiration lol
I bought some keds from ASOS last week and there my favourite thing to wear at the moment!

Okay I've just ordered loads of Abercrombie & Fitch stuff for the summer, you know like basics; denim, vests, flip flops lol you have to remember that Abercrombie isn't half as popular over here in the UK as it is in America. Plus ill be spending my summer in Sicily and they don't know what fashion is over there! (lol that was abit harsh, but my house is in a really small village with like one clothes shop & its really bad haha) I also ordered two Ed hardy bikinis which im really excited to get :) But i really want an Ed hardy cap so bad! for like the gym and just chlling lol! I really want this one Vanessa Hudgens has.... or that one Ashley Tisdale has...

but i can't find them anywhere! There is no Ed Hardy shops in this country (at least i dont know) and I have to result to Ebay and they don't have much choice when it comes to Ed Hardy caps.
Well anyway while I was serching for Ed Hardy caps i came across this site: and they have the most amazing caps!
Im deciding between these two:

If you look they are actually different lol, I can understand if you don't like them but i love it... & yes im a Pisces! lemme know which one you think i should get or weather I should carry on looking for the ed hardy one.

England Vs America
I was really excited for the match because firstly its the last one for ages & plus I love America so i couldn't wait to see all the fans and stuff! I was suprised how many fans were there actually! Before the match I was in the pub surounded by Americans! was totally wierd lol! If you didn't watch England won 2 - 0 :D & Jon Terry scored! I don't want to bore you with football talk but was happy for him man after he missed the penalty for Chelsea :(

Its the final of Britains got talent tonight!
Now I don't watch Britains got talent ever! This is the first time i've paid attention to it! because this lil lad has totally got me hooked I think hes amazing! I posted a video of him before don't know if any of you watched it but this was his semi final performance, i think hes so amazing!!

Im going through a thrase of reading the book after ive watched thye movie! this is strange for me because im not the reading type lol
So i read all of Jarhead & Holes which i loved and now im reading A Guide to recognizing your saints! I love the film sooo much! Im also in love witht the soundtracks for Disturbia, A Guide to recognizing your saints & holes! lol!
Oh and I cannot wait for the MTV Movie Awards!! Im backing Shia Labeouf on all that his nominated for haha!
Soryy long post lol

Friday, 23 May 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdon of the Crystal Skull

As you all now i'm a HUGE Shia Labeouf fan so I will attempt to review the new installment of Indiana Jones with a honest and hopefully unbiased opinion. I'd also like to mention i've also grown up watching the other Indiana Jones movies so I was excited for this movie anyway and the fact that Shia was in it was just a HUGE bonus.
This film is what many of you would call 'cheesy', unrealistic and maybe even a tad predictable, however this is not a film that should be judged by normal standards this is Indiana Jones after all. The humor, script and tone of the whole movie fitted perfectly with the other three movies and I have to say it wasn't any better or any worse than the older ones... what more could you ask for?!

Harrison Ford surviving eye rolling stunts was all part of the magic and fun that Indiana Jones brings! There were a few jokes about his age which a gave a realistic tint to the movie... kind of lol. Shia Labeouf did himself proud. His relationship with Indy was so great and comedic, they really worked well together. I'd definatly say that Shia was a possitive part of this movie. His entrance was amazing and ended the film in style =] (i wont give anything away). Karen Allen returns as Marion one of my favourite chacters out of the Indiana Jones movies and shes as spunky and funny as ever. Cate Blanchett was absolutly amazing! She made the movie very enjoyable to watch as a russian villian! She's one of my favourite actresses but after her performance in this she's inpressed me even more.
I really liked how little parts of the movie related back to the older films, but no matter how much I loved this film it did have its flaws. The story line was quite confusing and bizare as always and alot of people have complained about it, but what disapointed me the most was the unessesary CGI and graphics.
I think to enjoy this film you have had to watch the first movies so you understand the tone and genre of the Indiana Jones films. If you haven't you might go in expecting something different, some people would say that Indiana Jones is a new genre of film in itself and i could agree...
The endding was fantastic but it did suggest there could be more Indiana Jones films with Shia's character as a lead role and Harrison Ford as a side kick like Sean Connery's character in the third movie.
George Lucus has said its highly likely this could happen.
but as much as id love to see more of Mutt Wiliams & Indiana Jones, I really deep down hope this was the last one. Id hate for Shia to be known for his role in Indiana Jones when hes such a fantastic actor he could carry on with different movies. I also don't think Indiana Jones V would be very sucsessful as I can tell that people will be disapointed with this movie, but no fault of Shia's.

Over all Id give this film a B+
I enjoyed this film imensely and I cannot wait to see it again dispite its flaws.
Let me know what you all think =]

UPDATE// i just added a new banner that i made featuring Daisy Lowe, shes my favourite model right now!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Summer Weddings!

Arn't I the worst blogger in the world!
I only commented like 10 people after my last post
im just sorting everything out at college and at home at the moment and then ill be back on blogging form :)
having some boy trouble to lol :( but don't wanna go into that!
Today I had my first tattoo!
its only small and perfetic but i kinda never have really wanted one and i just got the urge to have one so i had something real small.
Its a tiny lil star on my right wrist! not sure if you can see from the pic but yeah =]
what you think?
Everyone had scared me telling me it was gonna kill!!
I wasn't scared of the pain, i was just worrid because I didn't know what to exspect! & the pain wasn't bad at all I kinda liked it cus im weird like that haha (horrible photo I know, but you can kinda see my tattoo)

Anyway! we had AMAZING weather here in England last week! Seriously! but thats over now as its been raining for past 2 days! (at least I can get more wear out of my navy mac! remember that?!) but in the summer when I visit family in Sicily I have a wedding to go to... and I really don't want to go but my mom really really wants me there so I thought it was a good excuse to by me a dress! I was thinking these:
Im loving the first one because I think it would look fantastic at my mates 18th birthday party aswell lol! I love the second because its simple and beautiful shape... i like the third because, well... i don't know the bride or the groom, and they don't know me so i think this is cool because its simple not really dressing up and so on...
what do you guys thinks???
im planning on wearing all the dresses with these beige t-strapes i posted
pre shopping
or maybe some nice sandals so not to dressed up.

Friday, 9 May 2008


Hye Everyone, im sorry i haven't for posted for so long ive been going through so much personal shit recently, blogging has been the last thing on my mind.
I can't go into detail, but my parents are trying to deal with unwanted crapness, and unfortunatly it 100% effects me.

I'm still not really thinking straight, so im not sure what to blog about so I thought this was a good idea to do that tag thing! =]
I think about 3 people tagged me so i will link them all! =] x

Here are the lovely rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers' blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

About me =]
1. I love the Disney Channel =] Hannah Montana, The suite life of Zack n Cody and of corse Even Stevens. I just love the inocent humour, & sometimes with the stresses of being 18 its cool to come home and watch some inocent humour thats just made to make you laugh! I also love High School Musical and all that =]

2. When it comes to fashion, i feel like mentally i know exactly what looks great. I know what matches and what looks good, and when im shopping I usually have a certain thing in mind that I can never find! I feel like a dress quite average but the fashion part of my brain is quite clever! if that makes any sence!

3. Im really short :) maybe like 4.11 maybe 5 foot now? haha and people make sure I never forget it! I tend to get treated like a kid because Im short which is way annoying. But most of my family are short, they say its cus were Italian haha

4. Im pretty much a geek lol, a cool geek maybe. My interests are totally different from my friends. I couldn't live without the computer and without films and TV but most of all I couldn't live without my Iphone at all! Its the most amazing thing ever! & worth every penny! Also recentnly i've started reading books alot. When I watch a good film... i want to read the book to! haha

5. I kind of have my life planned till im about... 25:
University for 2 years
In between the 2 years id like to do a Disney internship in florida for the summer
Italy for 1 year
Back to uni for another year
Then hopefully another year or 2 at NYC uni :)

6. Im a fitness freak... i go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I don't eat any shit lol! My lunch box is full of carrots and grapes and cherry tomatoes for college lol! I care to much about what I look like!


& Im going to tagg....

Really sorry if you didn't want to get tagged lol!
and also sorry about the Hilary Duff song... im not abig hilary duff fan but I just love the shia video =] xx

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

George Sampson to win Britain's got talent!

I haven't posted in like a week... I was planning on posting a wishlist so ive been collecting up clothes I want but I only have like 3 items so theres no point just yet!

Now thats talent! Im totally in love with this guy... hes fantastic! I really think you should all watch this video!(His name is George Sampson... search his name on youtube theres loadsa cool videos=])

Miley Cyrus... Vanity Fair pictures.
I really want to say something about these photos... everyone is going mad about them but I honestly think they are fine. Its exactly what id expect from Annie Leibovitz, the photographer. If I was 15 I wouldn't mind posing like that because nothing is on show. I think the photo is beautiful. The only thing I would say is she looks a a bit to skinny as you can see her bones in her back... anyone else notice? but she is just 15. I did a presentation about Annie Leibovitz for college work... and she loves to shock people anyone remember the pregnaunt Demi Moore photograph and the naked John Lennon one. I know Miley's just 15 but I think the photo is fine lol =]

Anyway! I went out for my mates 18th last friday. She had a lil house party and then we all went to some clubs... heres what I wore... 100% inspired by Kirsty! thanks hun!!
Sorry the first ones blurry.... i actually didn't wear the black cardigan. (How cool is my mate Beckys outfit!)
Those are my friends :) Faye Ebz n Becky
Oh one more thing...
The Greatest Game Ever Played
Anyone ever watched this film? I watched it because Shia Lebouf's in it, its about golf and i'm not a golf fan so I thought I wouldn't enjoy it... but I really loved it! i'd give it a B Shia is great as always! & Disney used some really cool graphics to make the golf parts abit more exciting.x

Monday, 21 April 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg

So this might seem like a bit of a dumb thing to be blogging about but bare with me haha.... (this isn't a film review lol)
So when I was in year 4 of junior school, 1999, around 9 t0 10 years old I became obsessed with a film called Harriet the Spy. Everybody watched it? no? oh well lol 

This was first of many obsessions of mine lol, im known for being obsessed with films, actors, musicians. So a lot of my friends and family look back at my Harriet the Spy obsession and laugh because it was quite extreme for a 10 year old to be so taken in by a character.
I named my pet hamster harriet lol, i used to spy out of my letterbox! (seriously!) and once at school we had world book day...  we dress up as a book character for charity, so i bought Harriet the spy the book and dressed in a cool yellow coat and a belt full of gadgets lol, I looked like a complete idiot because no one new who I was supposed to be, but i didnt care at all... i always remember that day because I was finally able to be like Harriet the Spy without anyone caring because it was world book day lol!!

Me and my dad was shopping in Morrisons (supermarket)... and next to the till line there is always a basket full of old DVDs for like £2, i always look through there because sometimes I buy one, i found Donnie Darko in there last month =] and suddenly i found Harriet the Spy! I couldn't believe they had actually made it into a DVD! I showed my dad and he was like 'Oh my gooddd!' and bought it me for a keep sake and a memory of me as a kid (my dads like that lol) 

I only go to college twice a week... sometimes three times because a lot of my work is done at home so i have a lot of free time to watch different films whilst doing my work... so I put Harriet the Spy on when I was bored... and surprisingly enough I still enjoyed it! I thought I was gonna laugh the whole way through at how perfetic it was, but it wasn't. I decided to blog about it because I actually seriously think this film made me who I am today... or maybe thats not true maybe I loved it so much because when I was 10 years old deep down I always had this love for the media; for photography, films, and magazines. 

Harriet's notebook was 100% personal and she wrote what ever she wanted in there... when I first decided to start this blog thats exactly what I had in mind... I know its not 100% personal because all you guys are reading but I have honestly never told anyone I know about my blog (maybe just my lil cousin lol) because I wanted it to be totally me... without having to worry about who's reading.

'I want to see the whole world, and I want to write down everything'
'I want to remember everything. And I want to know everything.'

I 100% relate to these two quotes from Harriet in the movie... I do want to see the whole world... i do want to write down everything... i do want to remember everything... and i do want to know everything. Even though at the time I first watched this movie, I hadn't realised this yet.

So anyway... the interesting part lol! Michelle Trachrenberg is the actress who played Harriet in the movie, and coincidently she's becoming quite successful recently... especially with her new role in Gossip Girl and her new movie with Zac Efron!
I quite like her style as it is... but i'm 100% sure shes going to get noticed more for fashion now shes part of Gossip Girl.. i truly think shes amazingly beautiful so here are some pics =]
Your all going to think i'm mad lol! Even Stevens & Harriet the Spy! haha
PS - MILO VENTIMIGLIA IS IN ENGLAND! omg! I couldnt believe it when he showed up at the BAFTAS! I love him so much! I would have gone to london to find him if i had known! (seriously i met Zac Efron twice haha)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

HAHA... clothes from the past

Thanks for your comments!
A lot of people mentioned that they didn't like Jessica Alba and they have don't know why... ME TOO lol but maybe its because I watched 'Awake' and shes like the biggest bitch in that film!

Oh and sorry about my annoying video! I just had to put it on! Even Stevens <3

Anyway!! So I found a CD named 'Every photo ever taken' its about 2 years old and I opened it and its full of holiday photos, school photos, dance photos and it was so cool... and I was looking at what I was wearing... and because its been only since I left school i've got into fashion so I was quite shocked when I actually didn't look so bad! 
These were all about 3 years ago

I actually remember this top... i love the pattern but I dont like the shape, but its okay for young people lol... I even added a lil pink belt! haha
Omg I made a right fuss to get that cap! haha
I remember that jumper was expensive and reallyyy itchy, and then there beige cords that i used to love... but why am i wearing the horrible pink bag! lol i remember i was wearing really cute turquoise flats with this

Thats my dad... haha 'NEW YORK BABE' havent changed much! =]

lol yep so theres some embarrassing photos from my past... most are from the same holiday actually... I wish my hair would curl like that now... actually i quite like how my hair is now... the curls are a little bigger... but I can't always rely on it looking good, where as when I was a kid it just used to go rigglets lol! I guess its all the straightening over the years =]
haha don't be too harsh on me :)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Some Clothes, Some Photography, Some Movies =]

So I ordered the navy mac and it came this morning!!:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Im really happy with it, its really thin and I was worried about that because its nearly summer.
The other outfit is just a random outfit I wore =]

So I have just started my final term of my two year college course (National Diploma Photography) so it's starting to get manic at college. At the end of each year you have to do a Final Major Project, and now its the end of the whole course I have to do a really big project which a subject of my own choice.
I've chosen Dance =]
I danced for 6 years and I quit 2 years ago when I left school... so I have quite alot of dance knowledge and the best part... I can use my mates as models lol! So I've been researching Dance and Ive found some amazing pics! I thought id share with you =]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This wasn't a film I really wanted to see... the trailer looked cool but I'd heard it was poor, as most horrors these days seem to be quite repetitive. It was better than I expected and I liked the fact it wasn't that scary and there wasn't lots of dead people walking around everywhere, but yeah it was nothing really I hadn't seen before. Some of the story line was good but I think the ending was a wasn't so good... if they'd carried on and developed the story line about the girl whos the eyes were originally it would be a bit more interesting but thats just me. C-

I wanted to watch this movie after seeing Jamie Bell on the Jonathan Ross show... I thought the idea was so cool! (I love heroes so it reminded me of that and i thought it sounded good) but Jonathan Ross really slated it and said the only good thing about it was Jamie Bell's acting lol. I kind of agree.... Hayden Christensen is so hot... another good thing haha! Nah I enjoyed this film! kind of! lol I thought it had a great start, the start of the film got me really excited for the rest of the film.. but then the storyline turned poor... i think the writers could have done so much more with this idea. Samuel Jackson's hair looked really bad and it annoyed my the whole way through lol! Rachel Bilson & Hayden are both beautiful but not the best actors, but I did like this film more than The Eye C-

Saturday, 12 April 2008


I haven't planned to blog about anything so I'll just start and see where it goes =] Ooo so I'm saving up for this Navy Mac/trench... What do u think... I no summers coming and soon the colour will be out of season but truely here in England its never actually hot so I need a light coat like this and Navy is just my colour! The sleeves are removable aswell...What you think?
You all know by now that Jake Gyllenhaal is like perfect in my opinion but recently ivefellin love with Pen Badgley... Aka Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl... He's just beautiful! One thing you'll come to know about me... I'm celebrity addict I just love celebs in general so I go through phrases.
Alot of people couldn't understand why I gave Cruel intentions a C+... What's wrong with that? Its a good score! I thought it was a good film! but its missing the amazing acting and amazing story line its just good and entertaining if I gave cruel intentions an A what kind of score would I give films like Brokeback Mountain and Sweeney Todd you no what I mean =] although I gave Jesse James a higher score I actually prefered Cruel Intentions! But had to give it a B+ cus of the amazing acting and story line =] glad I cleared that up haha!

I've been reading alot about everyone getting into Universities and Colleges, Im moving out and going to Uni in October! not long really... quite scary! Im only moving about an hour east of where I live now so its okay! Im going to Nottingham Trent University to study the Italian Language and Media Studies =] Im so exciting... Im currently attending a night course for Italian so Im quite good... and my mom being Italian and all Im familiar with the language and it would be a dream come true to finally learn it... my course includes a year in Italy so that would be fantastic =] I was planning on studying film studies at university but Nottingham Trent was the only university which let me study Italian + another subject so after thinking about it Media studies is probably better... also after my first year I can specialise in film and TValso i could choose public relations and popular culture.
So in 5 years time ill have a Nation Diploma in Photography and degree in media studies & Italian and hopefully will be able to get a good job in the Media, also considering doing a a postgraduate corse in Hollywood culture and film which would be amazing also id like to study american studies... haha god I want to study everything!!

By the way... remember I'm reading Jarhead... Im loving it.x

Monday, 7 April 2008

Assassination of Jesse James

So my friend took me vintage shopping :) Although I hardly bought anything, i was quite impressed... there was a huge vintage shop and thrift market, i found most things were to big but i found this pink and white tye dye top, I haven't worn pink and white so I wasn't sure about it, but it was just £4! and no doubt it will look great with some shorts in the summer! Its my first tye dye buy! haha i'm not a big fan of the trend and the only items I like are simple with not such a big pattern so this was perfect! I also wasn't sure about the gypsy type ruffled sleeves... but recently I have noticed more tops like this in the shops... god I wore 100s of gypsy tops when I was like 10! haha
The second isn't thrifted lol! Its £9.99 from H&M and I love the grey/black/navy floral pattern on it.. but it doesn't fit right at all... something i've noticed with H&M cardigans, they only look good if you button them up and they seem to have like a gap for big boobs! Which is unneeded in my case!

The Assassination of Jesse James I watched this film last night because after seeing Casey Afleck's nomination clip at the Oscars I thought he looked quite impressive... plus Brad Pitt is always good! :) Being a 2 and a half hour film its natural for me to get a bit bored an confused after the first half, I think the hardest part was working out who was who and stuff.. but I always kind of knew what was going on which was a good thing... not so confusing. I think some of the film was unnecessary and just confused me lol but i'd say the last hour was fantastic! I mean... nothing amazingly shocking happened at the end... it just generally a great ending! & I think Casey Affleck was amazing! I'm going to start rating films so id give this a B+

Cruel Intentions yeah its and old film but one I've always wanted to watch because I love Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe is amazingly hot! I thought it was good... in some ways weird... i know that they are just step brother and sister I just still think there relationship was weird lol... and one minute Sebastian is a total jerk 2 seconds later he's in love and nice n sweet!... that part confused me lol apart from that i really enjoyed the film!  C+

I know I gave Jesse James a better rating than Cruel Intentions... i probably wont ever watch Jesse James again but then id like to watch Cruel Intentions again... if that makes sense.

Oh and Im going to read a book I always try and read books but I never finish them... unless there autobiographys... i love them lol. Well Ive just orderd Jarhead a story of a marine in the gulf war, Im not a big fan of war films... so on but I enjoyed the film so much I wanted to find out more... anyone else read it?

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Check Voile Shirt

A new shirt I bought... £15 ASOS, its a size 8 though, I'm usually a size 6 so i think its a little big. Anyway I had a play around with different ways I could wear it!
Let me know your favourites! and any other ideas you have :)
Not really happy with the first 2 outfits... just experimenting... I love the 3rd outfit... the photo doesn't do it justice, argh I think it looks a bit emo/scene though which is really annoying specially as i was wearing a alice band aswell.
I like all these... i probably wont wear the 2nd one but it looks nice! i look abit to much like a cow girl haha! In the third outfit Im wearing a navy cardigan and its different material from the black wool one above.

Thanks for all your comments! If you didn't read the blog below I asked for you all to tell me abit about themselves! id love to get to know you all abit better :)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Maybe I should get my own style

Quite sunny today here in England, so here my first spring outfit fit:

Vanessa Hudgens inspired much?
Maybe I should get my own style!haha

Its a boring outfit but thought id post cus its so simular to Vanessa... I love Vanessa's style, her outfits totally inspires me... this is the only time ive actually totally copied her...
I need a scarf :D (don't ask what Im doing in the picture, i look so stupid!)

New Layout! I was getting so bored of the last one! This one features Gemma Ward, who is amazingly beautiful... 
'Welcome to the Suck'
Isn't rude... its the tagline from the film Jarhead... which I love so much right now (alot of people have thought I was being rude, sillyness haha)

Today I made Rice Crispey cakes out of my chocolate eggs! I don't like chocolate much... they taste so much nicer like this:

I just want to quickly say I love reading all of your blogs, i love your comments & i love commenting your posts! I'd love to get to know you all abit more... is my MSN... add me if you like, I also have myspace and bebo!
It would be really cool if you commented this post and told me abit about each of you :D
Adele x

Saturday, 29 March 2008

back from paris

I was very impressed with Paris... there are alot of people dotted around that really fashion inspired me, more so than New York. I thought in New york it was all ugg boots and sweaters... but I did spend most my time in very tourist places and didn't venture out towards Soho and so on.
I noticed nearly everyone wore converse! In a fantastic non emo way! Most were worn with straight/skinny jeans and a trench or a mac, I love how the emo trend seems non existant over there!
Some of you commented and said that I should wear my new clothes in Paris... I actually didnt because I was only there for 2 days and I was there for a Football (Soccer) match and fashion is non existant are games so i just throw on my england shirt to support my country :)

Heres a photo of me & my good friend Nathan at the Effiel Tower
(I look really moody but a lil french guy was shooving an umbrella in my face trying to make me buy it haha!)
See what I mean about not being able to control my fringe! (it was raining haha)

I really don't have much to blog about today but i just wanted to state that I have finally understand the Primark craze!!
The primark in my town (Birmingham) is such a mess!! clothes everywhere! its usually totally packed so I really do not have the patience so I always wanted to go to the one in London. But everytime I go to london I get cought up doing something else! So i went to the Primark near me on a quiet afternoon and quickly had a look round! I didnt have much money or much time but I did buy these!

Bag £3 Shoes £8

How amazingly cheap! £3 for a bag! haha Corse it isnt the best quality but who cares! not me! lmao!
My friend is taking me thrift shopping on Saturday, im quite excited lol im new to it! Everytime I see my friend she looks amazing and im like OMG i love your bag! or your shoes! and shes like oh its from the charity shop! :O lmao and ive noticed it with all you bloggers to! So shes taking me out to her shops for the day lol!!
OH! and I was 3 rows back at the football game!! At the corner flag aswell so when Beckham took his corners I was so close!! I could actually see his facial features! haha Was amazing! at one point me and nathan was actually on tv haha... but I left my camera at home! and my phone ran out of battery! gutteddd

Monday, 24 March 2008


Whey everyone...
thanks for your comments i listened all your advice and I will wear my skirt but right now in England its snowing haha! so when it gets abit warmer. Also alot of people said that where they live when people go clubbing they dress disgustingly.... mini mini mini skirts and belly tops... its the same here! but like you all said... i tried to keep it classy n trendy and not trashy :)

Anyway, i bought a plain black skirt in New York... it was something I was actually looking for because I thought it would look good with quite alot and abit different from my denim one.
Heres 2 outfits with my black skirt... the one with the new york Tee is inspired by this post from The Clothes Horse... because I loove the logo but the shirt is soo cheap and taky so when I saw that post I thought id have ago with what I have :)

I don't like the second outfit.
You might have noticed that you can't see any footwear in these photos. Well its because I had nothing that looked good! Sometimes I wish we didn't have to wear shoes!
And then I thought about all the shoeless models recently... has anyone else noticed?
If anyone watched the Brit awards Leona Lewis perfumed barefoot in an amazing dress I also saw this advertisement in a magazine:

not sure if you can see but the second model has no shoes and I think it looks real good haha!
but she has nice feet haha this is such random post haha
iam sure 'barefootness' will never become a regualar thing but it was something that I thought was funny when I was moaning about not having any shoes lol :)

Anyway! To the point of the post:
Im off to Paris tomorrow morning with my dad and my mate for the England VS France match! Woo but were gonna spend a day in Paris so should be fun, PLUS David Beckham will be playing and I always get star struck when I see him!

OH! & me and my cousin went to see Hannah Montana 3D! lmao
I know I know... im 18 years old! but just something I cant grow out of!! HAHA

Ill be back Friday :D

Friday, 21 March 2008

Red Carpet Preveiw bollocks

Glad you all loved my Men Awards! lol
Remember that skirt I keep talking about? heres what I came up with:

(messy room haha)
I love it, but I could never wear this around my town in the summer... I live in a small town in the midlands and well... its not a very fashion forward place so they would all think I was totally mad! But im sure ill wear it in the summer as im spending my summer in Italy.

I went to some club in my town last night (Thursday), Im 18 now and I dont have to worry about being kicked out or getting IDed so it great!! (in the UK you have to be 18 to drink haha) I really didn't no what to wear as I totally didn't want to look chavy and I always want to be abit different and most people wear kind of the same stuff in my town so its not hard! This is what I wore in the end lol!

haha sorry that theres a big pic of my theighs lmao its the only pic i have with the shoes i wore in and it was like a mistake shot haha I haven't done up the waist coat in that pic but it looks better done up its like a really tight one

So... my mom got me tickets to this thing called 'Total film Red carpet preveiw' (website) on the leaflet it told me that 'you will be shown unseen 100% exclusive clips of 2008s most aticipated films including Indiana Jones and The Dark Knight' and I thought great... cus the tickets were actually free, might aswell go down. They also mentioned stalls from various film companys and a goody bag so why not! So i was exspecting lots of Shia Labeouf and Heath Ledger lol so I was way excited...
to my disapointment it was just 80 minutes trailers and the occasional few words from Simon Pegg who I just dont find funny at all!! I was so pissed off lmao! i wanted to see some more clips from the Dark knight and indiana jones but nooo they just showed me the trailers which I have actually seen on Sky Movies recently anyway! and and they even showed the trailer to a film I had watched last week!! After all the trailers were over there was an interval and they were going to put a film on called 'The Waiting Room' they tried to bribe us with 'This film is so new it doesn't even have a release date!!' to me this gave the impression it was going to be shit because they would never show a great movie early lol so we went home at the interval (it was 10pm already) argh really annoyed me! My mom was like.. maybe youtube doesn't count!
Youtube always counts! haha

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Men Awards haha

I was bored and I thought Id be abit different and just make an aprication post of some great guys in the celebrity world right now. This isn't a serious thing lol its just my opinion. (at the moment, my opinion is different everyweek) im gonna do like an award thing! Sorry all my male readers haha unless you like guys to... and how couldnt you! lol
Ill show the 'nominations' lol! and then maybe name a winner... if I can deside!

Best without clothes:
Zac Efron, Mitch Hewer, Jake Gyllenhaal

Winner: Mitch Hewer
Best with clothes (they probably don't have the best bodies hehe):
Matt Willis, Shia Labeouf, Orlando Bloom

Winner: Orlando Bloom
Most Stylish
David Beckham, Hayden Christensen, Milo Ventmiglia

This ones real hard they all look great, but im gonna go with consistancy
Winner: David Beckham
Although he has made some big mistakes in the past, kudos for being brave.
Fav Actor
Shia Labeouf, Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger

This is the hardest catorgory. All 3 are very gifted an natrual actors.
Its between Heath & Shia... i cant deside :)
I cant think of any more catorgories! and I dont want to bore you any more lol!
Let me know who your winners would be!x
Before I go... remember that skirt i asked with your advice with:

I found this dolce and gabbana outfit and the skirt is very simular haha thought id share :)

Sunday, 9 March 2008

New York Buys

Heyy again everyone... hope everyones okay, sorry i havent had time to reply to everyones comments since ive been back I will do now :) also everyone who I have asked to exchange links and I havent yet done so... I will ive just been abit busy!
Anyway here are some of the clothes I bought in New York that I was telling you about... sorry about the photos I cant take photos of my self very good lol

This is a plain black dress i bought from American Apparel, I really love it one of my fav buys, its going to be great in the summer and i can totally wear it differently... in the first photo im wearing the dress with (my new) converse but I would more likely wear them this with sandals or flip flops. (Very Vanessa Hudgens inspired)

In the first photo im wearing some black skinny trousers in like a nice silky material from urban outfitters.... i like them but I already own black skinny jeans so maybe I could have spent my money on something else. The cute white top is from American Eagle & I added a cool black broch a friend bought me for my birthday. In the second photo just the top and jacket are new... thats the bomber jacket I was trying to explain in my last post... from Forever 21. The 3rd photo is my interpitation of a abercrombie and fitch sales girl haha! nah something casual for college.

Second image is that black dress from first outfit but I was messing about playing dress up and I put this top over my dress and thought it looked quite cool... probably wont wear it but haha.

Heres another close up of my jacket... ive changed the settings on my camera so it looks different on the photos... but its a navy blue in a rain coat kind of material but i love all the detail like the zips and buckles and stuff so i love it... what do you think?

One more thing before I go.... I also bought this skirt, i have no idea how or when I can ever wear this but it was so cute and just $24 from Forever 21 so I couldn't resist... when I wear it, it kinda goes like a tulip skirt... it has a beautiful pattern on it which you can kind of see in the second photo... it fits on my wasit so its kinda high waisted... please give me your ideas on how I could wear this! Fantastic!!
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