Saturday, 29 March 2008

back from paris

I was very impressed with Paris... there are alot of people dotted around that really fashion inspired me, more so than New York. I thought in New york it was all ugg boots and sweaters... but I did spend most my time in very tourist places and didn't venture out towards Soho and so on.
I noticed nearly everyone wore converse! In a fantastic non emo way! Most were worn with straight/skinny jeans and a trench or a mac, I love how the emo trend seems non existant over there!
Some of you commented and said that I should wear my new clothes in Paris... I actually didnt because I was only there for 2 days and I was there for a Football (Soccer) match and fashion is non existant are games so i just throw on my england shirt to support my country :)

Heres a photo of me & my good friend Nathan at the Effiel Tower
(I look really moody but a lil french guy was shooving an umbrella in my face trying to make me buy it haha!)
See what I mean about not being able to control my fringe! (it was raining haha)

I really don't have much to blog about today but i just wanted to state that I have finally understand the Primark craze!!
The primark in my town (Birmingham) is such a mess!! clothes everywhere! its usually totally packed so I really do not have the patience so I always wanted to go to the one in London. But everytime I go to london I get cought up doing something else! So i went to the Primark near me on a quiet afternoon and quickly had a look round! I didnt have much money or much time but I did buy these!

Bag £3 Shoes £8

How amazingly cheap! £3 for a bag! haha Corse it isnt the best quality but who cares! not me! lmao!
My friend is taking me thrift shopping on Saturday, im quite excited lol im new to it! Everytime I see my friend she looks amazing and im like OMG i love your bag! or your shoes! and shes like oh its from the charity shop! :O lmao and ive noticed it with all you bloggers to! So shes taking me out to her shops for the day lol!!
OH! and I was 3 rows back at the football game!! At the corner flag aswell so when Beckham took his corners I was so close!! I could actually see his facial features! haha Was amazing! at one point me and nathan was actually on tv haha... but I left my camera at home! and my phone ran out of battery! gutteddd

Monday, 24 March 2008


Whey everyone...
thanks for your comments i listened all your advice and I will wear my skirt but right now in England its snowing haha! so when it gets abit warmer. Also alot of people said that where they live when people go clubbing they dress disgustingly.... mini mini mini skirts and belly tops... its the same here! but like you all said... i tried to keep it classy n trendy and not trashy :)

Anyway, i bought a plain black skirt in New York... it was something I was actually looking for because I thought it would look good with quite alot and abit different from my denim one.
Heres 2 outfits with my black skirt... the one with the new york Tee is inspired by this post from The Clothes Horse... because I loove the logo but the shirt is soo cheap and taky so when I saw that post I thought id have ago with what I have :)

I don't like the second outfit.
You might have noticed that you can't see any footwear in these photos. Well its because I had nothing that looked good! Sometimes I wish we didn't have to wear shoes!
And then I thought about all the shoeless models recently... has anyone else noticed?
If anyone watched the Brit awards Leona Lewis perfumed barefoot in an amazing dress I also saw this advertisement in a magazine:

not sure if you can see but the second model has no shoes and I think it looks real good haha!
but she has nice feet haha this is such random post haha
iam sure 'barefootness' will never become a regualar thing but it was something that I thought was funny when I was moaning about not having any shoes lol :)

Anyway! To the point of the post:
Im off to Paris tomorrow morning with my dad and my mate for the England VS France match! Woo but were gonna spend a day in Paris so should be fun, PLUS David Beckham will be playing and I always get star struck when I see him!

OH! & me and my cousin went to see Hannah Montana 3D! lmao
I know I know... im 18 years old! but just something I cant grow out of!! HAHA

Ill be back Friday :D

Friday, 21 March 2008

Red Carpet Preveiw bollocks

Glad you all loved my Men Awards! lol
Remember that skirt I keep talking about? heres what I came up with:

(messy room haha)
I love it, but I could never wear this around my town in the summer... I live in a small town in the midlands and well... its not a very fashion forward place so they would all think I was totally mad! But im sure ill wear it in the summer as im spending my summer in Italy.

I went to some club in my town last night (Thursday), Im 18 now and I dont have to worry about being kicked out or getting IDed so it great!! (in the UK you have to be 18 to drink haha) I really didn't no what to wear as I totally didn't want to look chavy and I always want to be abit different and most people wear kind of the same stuff in my town so its not hard! This is what I wore in the end lol!

haha sorry that theres a big pic of my theighs lmao its the only pic i have with the shoes i wore in and it was like a mistake shot haha I haven't done up the waist coat in that pic but it looks better done up its like a really tight one

So... my mom got me tickets to this thing called 'Total film Red carpet preveiw' (website) on the leaflet it told me that 'you will be shown unseen 100% exclusive clips of 2008s most aticipated films including Indiana Jones and The Dark Knight' and I thought great... cus the tickets were actually free, might aswell go down. They also mentioned stalls from various film companys and a goody bag so why not! So i was exspecting lots of Shia Labeouf and Heath Ledger lol so I was way excited...
to my disapointment it was just 80 minutes trailers and the occasional few words from Simon Pegg who I just dont find funny at all!! I was so pissed off lmao! i wanted to see some more clips from the Dark knight and indiana jones but nooo they just showed me the trailers which I have actually seen on Sky Movies recently anyway! and and they even showed the trailer to a film I had watched last week!! After all the trailers were over there was an interval and they were going to put a film on called 'The Waiting Room' they tried to bribe us with 'This film is so new it doesn't even have a release date!!' to me this gave the impression it was going to be shit because they would never show a great movie early lol so we went home at the interval (it was 10pm already) argh really annoyed me! My mom was like.. maybe youtube doesn't count!
Youtube always counts! haha

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Men Awards haha

I was bored and I thought Id be abit different and just make an aprication post of some great guys in the celebrity world right now. This isn't a serious thing lol its just my opinion. (at the moment, my opinion is different everyweek) im gonna do like an award thing! Sorry all my male readers haha unless you like guys to... and how couldnt you! lol
Ill show the 'nominations' lol! and then maybe name a winner... if I can deside!

Best without clothes:
Zac Efron, Mitch Hewer, Jake Gyllenhaal

Winner: Mitch Hewer
Best with clothes (they probably don't have the best bodies hehe):
Matt Willis, Shia Labeouf, Orlando Bloom

Winner: Orlando Bloom
Most Stylish
David Beckham, Hayden Christensen, Milo Ventmiglia

This ones real hard they all look great, but im gonna go with consistancy
Winner: David Beckham
Although he has made some big mistakes in the past, kudos for being brave.
Fav Actor
Shia Labeouf, Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger

This is the hardest catorgory. All 3 are very gifted an natrual actors.
Its between Heath & Shia... i cant deside :)
I cant think of any more catorgories! and I dont want to bore you any more lol!
Let me know who your winners would be!x
Before I go... remember that skirt i asked with your advice with:

I found this dolce and gabbana outfit and the skirt is very simular haha thought id share :)

Sunday, 9 March 2008

New York Buys

Heyy again everyone... hope everyones okay, sorry i havent had time to reply to everyones comments since ive been back I will do now :) also everyone who I have asked to exchange links and I havent yet done so... I will ive just been abit busy!
Anyway here are some of the clothes I bought in New York that I was telling you about... sorry about the photos I cant take photos of my self very good lol

This is a plain black dress i bought from American Apparel, I really love it one of my fav buys, its going to be great in the summer and i can totally wear it differently... in the first photo im wearing the dress with (my new) converse but I would more likely wear them this with sandals or flip flops. (Very Vanessa Hudgens inspired)

In the first photo im wearing some black skinny trousers in like a nice silky material from urban outfitters.... i like them but I already own black skinny jeans so maybe I could have spent my money on something else. The cute white top is from American Eagle & I added a cool black broch a friend bought me for my birthday. In the second photo just the top and jacket are new... thats the bomber jacket I was trying to explain in my last post... from Forever 21. The 3rd photo is my interpitation of a abercrombie and fitch sales girl haha! nah something casual for college.

Second image is that black dress from first outfit but I was messing about playing dress up and I put this top over my dress and thought it looked quite cool... probably wont wear it but haha.

Heres another close up of my jacket... ive changed the settings on my camera so it looks different on the photos... but its a navy blue in a rain coat kind of material but i love all the detail like the zips and buckles and stuff so i love it... what do you think?

One more thing before I go.... I also bought this skirt, i have no idea how or when I can ever wear this but it was so cute and just $24 from Forever 21 so I couldn't resist... when I wear it, it kinda goes like a tulip skirt... it has a beautiful pattern on it which you can kind of see in the second photo... it fits on my wasit so its kinda high waisted... please give me your ideas on how I could wear this! Fantastic!!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Back from New York

Do you ever buy clothes and love them in the shop... But when you get home and u put them on again u really wish you hadn't spent your money? No no no I'm not moaning I had a FANTASTIC time in New York, me and my mom got on great the whole weekend (wen I was younger we used to argue quite alot) but I was just trying on some of my clothes making some outfits and realised 1 top is 2 tight and others just arnt good lol!
I spent nearly all of my money.. I received $950 (around £450) for my birthdaay... To me that's a hell of alot of money... My family arnt exactly rich. I loved new York it was great! I was there 4 days and shopped nearly every day and did some site seeing as we shopped through! American eagle & forever 21 really impressed me, some great things for ridiculously low prices! But I spent most my money in abercrombie.. I was abit disapponted... The place always makes me feel intimerdated but wasn't as bad as the one in London.. Also they didnt have my size in some jeans I wanted which I didnt think would happen... the shop smells so beautiful!! & now all my new clothes smell like it to! haha but i think its a guys colonge.
After trying everything on I noticed most of my buys were very college boyish... Like I brought some light wash destroyed bootleg jeans... Converse! I got a bomber jacket kinda thing in navy which is like rain coat and my brother thought it was his when he saw it! Was all basic stuff really nothing girls or really fashionable... but I like it... Ive desided to stop worrying about what people think of my clothes and as long as I like it it shouldn't matter... And I know everyone says that... But its a really hard thing to do!
Ill post some outfits tomorrow!
I loved Central Park so much it was so amazing! A man on a bike and cart thing gave us a tour and it was so good he told us everything we ever needed to know about New York lol.
oh and that top photo is me and a few mates at my birthday meal... i know i look disgusting... but my outfit was nice. I didnt really try with my hair and makeup... i thought it was just a small family meal but my mom invited loadsa people including a guy i've loved for years family so I got totally nervous and hot and bothered so I ended up just downing as many shots as possible taking advantage of being 18 to make things easier :)

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