Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Maybe I should get my own style

Quite sunny today here in England, so here my first spring outfit fit:

Vanessa Hudgens inspired much?
Maybe I should get my own style!haha

Its a boring outfit but thought id post cus its so simular to Vanessa... I love Vanessa's style, her outfits totally inspires me... this is the only time ive actually totally copied her...
I need a scarf :D (don't ask what Im doing in the picture, i look so stupid!)

New Layout! I was getting so bored of the last one! This one features Gemma Ward, who is amazingly beautiful... 
'Welcome to the Suck'
Isn't rude... its the tagline from the film Jarhead... which I love so much right now (alot of people have thought I was being rude, sillyness haha)

Today I made Rice Crispey cakes out of my chocolate eggs! I don't like chocolate much... they taste so much nicer like this:

I just want to quickly say I love reading all of your blogs, i love your comments & i love commenting your posts! I'd love to get to know you all abit more...
adelejoanna@hotmail.com is my MSN... add me if you like, I also have myspace and bebo!
It would be really cool if you commented this post and told me abit about each of you :D
Adele x


Addison said...

you are so cute!

Shenell Keanna said...

You're blog is SO cute!
You're a Disney fan right?
I adore disney, very much.
I like the quirky and awesome singers/bands the present. See you around.

Seraphine said...

Style is more how you wear it, rather than what you wear. You put your own twist on what you wear, whether it's a pendant necklace or a certain bearing (the way you hold your shoulders or how you look at people). I think even with a scarf, you'd still convey your rather unique personality.

kirsty said...

thank you for your lovely comments :) you are right, england has the worst weather! it is raining here now... just when i thought the sunshine might be here to stay for a few days at least! i like your outfit, simple and stylish! there is definitely nothing wrong with other people inspiring you, everyone wears clothes differently and puts there own spin on things. i've always thought clothes looked too neat on me, the messy thrown together look is what i secretly strive for but never seem to achieve! xx

Cassie said...

Hey, I like your outfit better than Vanessa's. I'm not so sure about that bag of hers. But there are so many kinds of berrets about there that are so cool. You know, keep your hair out of the sun.

Very cool blog. I must find out more about Mitch Hewer. I love Milo!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

sridevi said...

Those cupcake things look amazing :) I think I'm actually slightly jealous haha

ChiliLady said...

your new blog header is cool! but why "welcome to the suck?" you're blog's fab!!

Anonymous said...

Oh really a cute look for spring! Nice blog :).

lara said...

ooh your blog is great , you wear some great outfits!!
Haha I'm happy that I discovered your blog :)

Mademoiselle Bariolée said...

like your chain..your outfit looks cute <3
yeah i am thinking of getting the cam..thinks i am in love with it haha =D

Cate said...

cool new header!!!
and you don't like chocolate?! wow!!! i adore chocolate.
okay, maybe i'll write you an e-mail and tell me about myself because this could get too long for a comment! ^^

jellofer said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Cute blog by the way! And those chocolate rice crispy cakes look yummy, are they easy to make??

Ediot said...

you look great. of course one gets inspired by those fashionable celebs..
take care.thanks for you comment on my blog!

Kayleigh said...

Cute outfit. You should be doing some sort of Vogue blog full of next season's stuff you like. I'm useless with fashion so I'd read it hehe! My current clothing fave is my floral dress I got out of Ethel Austin, worn with my pink blazer. No idea how it looks but it's comfy.

savvy gal said...

Yes pink is great! I think every gal should define herself and have her style.

Oh, I love chocolate, am sort of an addict. But, have to exercise like crazy afterward.

Molly :] said...

Hey Adele!

Awh. Thankyou :]
I actually did some modelling when i was younger for disneyland etc. but i was too young and not on an agency and i haven't picked it up again :)

Oh Im SO sorry if i spoilt skins for you. my friends all do it to me and i know how annoying it is!

Great new header, your last one was really pretty too though. [i prefer this one] what program do you use to make them?

And you said to post a bit about myself, so i will with great pleasure :)

I live just outside Cambridge [like the university] which is pretty cool as im just outside all the shops [theres a new centre open now :)] but far enough to not be inside all the traffic & shizz.

Pretty much all of my time i devote to myspace/bebo/blogger but other than that i fill my time at school, watching tv [skins haha], pining to my mum to buy me Step Up 2 on pirate dvd [have you seen it? its AMAZING!] or shopping of course. :)

Hope you have enjoyed this novel i have written you :) haha.

Also i see you have myspace!
Add me-> myspace.com/imjustmollyx

Hope you are well :) xx

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

adele, you´re new header its fantastcic!!!
hope you´re ok!!!


Drop a tear in my wineglass said...

HI Adele :)

I love your blog, I really do. It's the perfect blend of fashion, inspiration and life, which is, really, the most interesting things to read about.

I'm 17, live in Sweden, sarcastic, write about my life...a mix of emotion and action in it...and in the IB Diploma programme. A cooler version of it of sorts. I may be an IB nerd, but somehow I find time to play around on blogs a bit.

Lived in Libya and the Philippines and desperately hope to study abroad next year at uni.

That's a very narrow description, but now you've got someone new to check out at least.

Love your blog, keep at it!


e.jay said...

Like your outfit, Vanessa-inspired or not, you wear it well!

Ummm, I don't know what I could say about myself. I am 21, currently in DC, and I love to dance, sing, laugh, read, sew, write and all things fashion!

Kira Fashion said...


thanks a lot for passing at my blog!
i really enjoy to see you in Paris and the nice black skirt below :)

that food here seems delicious!!!

so, i am adding you to mine favourites and if you wanna, add me too!

a kiss and a hug,
keep in touch, ok?


Jillian said...

hey miss i linked to you!

btw w/e those rice krispie things are i dont know i've never had those but they look AMAZING!

and you look great!

Katelin said...

love the outfit and the rice krispies look delicious!


haha i have that same picture of vanessa and i wore something just like her last week...! i love how you have everything she does besides the hat.. very cute. and those rice krispies look great!

i also wanted to thank you for your advice/comment on my blog.. it did cheer me up and i'm still a little scared of going to london, but thank you for calming my fears!

Adéle said...

we have the same name!
this is the first time I visit your blog and I really like it!

because im addicted said...

ohh those look so yummy!! cute simple outfit!

Sydney Speel said...

rice krispies hahahahahah.

Anonymous said...

oh wow, those rice krispies look yum!

taffy. said...

fantastic, as usual.
and that's okay , love,
from now on we're not referring to him as Nathan.
he has become sodding wet prat boy.
SWPB for short.

The Clothes Horse said...

It's a cool classic look. Maybe Vanessa is copying you!

Jello on Springs said...

thos rice crispey cakes look so good, i also really like the new header, it looks so professional compared to my header made on paint lol

Olivia said...

Those Rice Krispies look really good. Especially right now. (: And I love the new layout.!

1234 said...

sweet blog! and those cakes look soo delicious!

Secret Agent said...

Wow, one of the few bloggers who's genuinely into meeting other bloggers and not just in it for the mass amount of comments/hits.
I'm Jacky, Male, 19 years old, Canadian and single and searching. Interested? I think I've asked you out before haha...
You should exchange links with other bloggers.

Carolina Lange said...

Very cool look!

iñaki said...

This blog just keeps getting better, dear!
I love your outfit. And it's perfectly fine that you get inspiration and reproduce celebrity's outfits, we all do it! ;) and don't worry about the scarf, as much as I love them, you added the perfect touch with the necklace.


Anonymous said...

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nicole x said...

i've been looking for a cardigan like yours for a while now but can't seem to find one anywhere (i'm a bit picky)
can you tell me where you got yours from
nicole x

Anonymous said...

please make real life friends instead of spending all your time online!! every hour write what you did that hour, you'll notice that you spend more than 3 hours a day online! sick!

Anonymous said...

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