Thursday, 31 January 2008

Why so serious?

So I enter the world of blogging...
well not exactly, i used to always have some kind of blog going when I was younger but since I started college letting my feelings out publicly was the last thing i wanted to do, so I've stayed closed for a while.
Ive desided to continue blogging as I'm in my final year of college and my 'fellow students' are least likely to know i have this journal never mind actually read it! So I should be safe to say anything.
I used to hate reading & commenting other peoples blogs... so Ill understand when I have no friends on here lol!
I'm planning to not go into much personal detail about me (like every single thing ive done every single day, that will just bore any readers i do have!) but more like personal opinion on world action, films & fashion.

I think its relavant to start off with lil something about Heath Ledger, because it's and awful shame.
Although I wasn't a big fan when he was a alive I certainly new who he was and enjoyed his films... & since then I have watched more and more of his films on the tribute nights on the TV to discover he was a fantastic actor and it upsets me to think he died so young.

& I'm first in line to see 'The Dark Knight'

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