Monday, 30 June 2008


Blog about letting your feelings out right?
I have no fashion inspiration, I feel like everything in my wardrobe is dated and unfashionable. I feel fat. & short. I want a nose job & thicker hair. I want to look like Megan Fox n have Rachel Bilson's wardrobe. My hair is thining and I have chapped lips due to the side efects of an acne tablet ive been taking (which hasn't been working, I still have shitty skin) all this leads to me being boyfriendless, a situation ive come to terms with and only really upsets me if I think deeply about it. I have a beautiful best friend who can be with any guy she wants, moaning to me about love & sex... and I start to question our 15 year friendship as she let's out her boring, shallow & empty self. & this is all we talk about. She doesnt have anything logical and non selfish to say. She has no idea I think so low of her & I laugh as she thinks she has ambition but won't get anywhere in life if she can't last a few days without sex.
God how were different but I still love her :)

Now ive got that off my chest :) I can once again apologise for my lack of blogging... I have no excuses =]I left college last week :( was quite sad, the photography department was in the basement cut off from the rest of the college so everyone down there kinda felt like family... And now il never go down again : ( good news though I got Distinction x 3 on my final major project (thats highest mark you can get) which gets me into university! Whey getting nervous now!!

I haven't really got any great to share with you... just my love for Leonardo Dicaprio this week. I watched 'The Basketball Diaries' for the first time. I watched it because I love New York films, i also think Leonardo & Mark Wahlberg are great. I enjoyed the film so much it inspired me to watch all of Leonardo's films lol which reminded me how much I love 'The Departed' seriously I could never get bored of this film!

oo ooh i watched WANTED... I was real excited for this film... me being a big James Mcavoy fan! I loved it to... it was abit stupid and bizzare in some places but end of the day I enjoyed it :) A

Friday, 13 June 2008

£12 Primark Dress

£12 dress from primark
how could i leave it in the shop lol! I don't go to primark much but when I do i always find some kind of bargin that belongs on my blog lol the photos don't do it justice because its got like a netting under neath the skirt which i love. Im thinking of wearing it to that wedding? and ill add the cardigan for my mates 18th im thinking black tights black shoes i dunno lol! (i really need a tan!)
argh so i haven't been blogging for a while again, my life is totally stressful at the moment... I leave college a week on Wednesday :( and my final major project had to be in today (remember the dance one?) so everything been a bit mad and sad, I've been on my photography course for 2 years and I can't believe its over! There's only 7 people in my class but some of them are fantastic people, we all live quite far away from each other so its not likely  ill see some of them again :( end of an era! lol
Well heres my final piece, this is an actual photo of the wall presentation because I don't have the images on my laptop, so doesn't show it that well. In my brief it said '& finalize your project by presenting your images on the wall in a visual exciting way' well i'm a creative person rather than an artist person (which means i cant deal with glue an scissors lmao) so the top images have like cool glitter borders and cropped in a mad way, and you cant see but on the big photo i have attached rhinestones on the costume over the top of the original rhinestones.

What you think? well you can't really judge from that pic lol

Anyway... so yeah I've noticed some of you are Shia Labeouf fans? well any of you seen the film 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints?' its one of my favorite films ever so I decided to read the book! and it was amazing I loved it! so just writing to recommend the book if u enjoyed film :)

Just to finish... I ordered the white Ed hardy cap =] I understand why most of you don't like Ed Hardy... i guess its fashionable but isn't stylish or trendy if that makes sense, but I like to wear Ed Hardy on days where I just like to chill without worrying about what I'm wearing you know? what you guys wear on days like that?

AND! I know it was a while ago... butt... George Sampson won!! whey! i was so happy :D
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