Saturday, 31 May 2008


I promise to update more =]
I've even had a week holiday from college and haven't had the desire to blog lol!
I was hoping to post a fashion post but ive had no inspiration lol
I bought some keds from ASOS last week and there my favourite thing to wear at the moment!

Okay I've just ordered loads of Abercrombie & Fitch stuff for the summer, you know like basics; denim, vests, flip flops lol you have to remember that Abercrombie isn't half as popular over here in the UK as it is in America. Plus ill be spending my summer in Sicily and they don't know what fashion is over there! (lol that was abit harsh, but my house is in a really small village with like one clothes shop & its really bad haha) I also ordered two Ed hardy bikinis which im really excited to get :) But i really want an Ed hardy cap so bad! for like the gym and just chlling lol! I really want this one Vanessa Hudgens has.... or that one Ashley Tisdale has...

but i can't find them anywhere! There is no Ed Hardy shops in this country (at least i dont know) and I have to result to Ebay and they don't have much choice when it comes to Ed Hardy caps.
Well anyway while I was serching for Ed Hardy caps i came across this site: and they have the most amazing caps!
Im deciding between these two:

If you look they are actually different lol, I can understand if you don't like them but i love it... & yes im a Pisces! lemme know which one you think i should get or weather I should carry on looking for the ed hardy one.

England Vs America
I was really excited for the match because firstly its the last one for ages & plus I love America so i couldn't wait to see all the fans and stuff! I was suprised how many fans were there actually! Before the match I was in the pub surounded by Americans! was totally wierd lol! If you didn't watch England won 2 - 0 :D & Jon Terry scored! I don't want to bore you with football talk but was happy for him man after he missed the penalty for Chelsea :(

Its the final of Britains got talent tonight!
Now I don't watch Britains got talent ever! This is the first time i've paid attention to it! because this lil lad has totally got me hooked I think hes amazing! I posted a video of him before don't know if any of you watched it but this was his semi final performance, i think hes so amazing!!

Im going through a thrase of reading the book after ive watched thye movie! this is strange for me because im not the reading type lol
So i read all of Jarhead & Holes which i loved and now im reading A Guide to recognizing your saints! I love the film sooo much! Im also in love witht the soundtracks for Disturbia, A Guide to recognizing your saints & holes! lol!
Oh and I cannot wait for the MTV Movie Awards!! Im backing Shia Labeouf on all that his nominated for haha!
Soryy long post lol

Friday, 23 May 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdon of the Crystal Skull

As you all now i'm a HUGE Shia Labeouf fan so I will attempt to review the new installment of Indiana Jones with a honest and hopefully unbiased opinion. I'd also like to mention i've also grown up watching the other Indiana Jones movies so I was excited for this movie anyway and the fact that Shia was in it was just a HUGE bonus.
This film is what many of you would call 'cheesy', unrealistic and maybe even a tad predictable, however this is not a film that should be judged by normal standards this is Indiana Jones after all. The humor, script and tone of the whole movie fitted perfectly with the other three movies and I have to say it wasn't any better or any worse than the older ones... what more could you ask for?!

Harrison Ford surviving eye rolling stunts was all part of the magic and fun that Indiana Jones brings! There were a few jokes about his age which a gave a realistic tint to the movie... kind of lol. Shia Labeouf did himself proud. His relationship with Indy was so great and comedic, they really worked well together. I'd definatly say that Shia was a possitive part of this movie. His entrance was amazing and ended the film in style =] (i wont give anything away). Karen Allen returns as Marion one of my favourite chacters out of the Indiana Jones movies and shes as spunky and funny as ever. Cate Blanchett was absolutly amazing! She made the movie very enjoyable to watch as a russian villian! She's one of my favourite actresses but after her performance in this she's inpressed me even more.
I really liked how little parts of the movie related back to the older films, but no matter how much I loved this film it did have its flaws. The story line was quite confusing and bizare as always and alot of people have complained about it, but what disapointed me the most was the unessesary CGI and graphics.
I think to enjoy this film you have had to watch the first movies so you understand the tone and genre of the Indiana Jones films. If you haven't you might go in expecting something different, some people would say that Indiana Jones is a new genre of film in itself and i could agree...
The endding was fantastic but it did suggest there could be more Indiana Jones films with Shia's character as a lead role and Harrison Ford as a side kick like Sean Connery's character in the third movie.
George Lucus has said its highly likely this could happen.
but as much as id love to see more of Mutt Wiliams & Indiana Jones, I really deep down hope this was the last one. Id hate for Shia to be known for his role in Indiana Jones when hes such a fantastic actor he could carry on with different movies. I also don't think Indiana Jones V would be very sucsessful as I can tell that people will be disapointed with this movie, but no fault of Shia's.

Over all Id give this film a B+
I enjoyed this film imensely and I cannot wait to see it again dispite its flaws.
Let me know what you all think =]

UPDATE// i just added a new banner that i made featuring Daisy Lowe, shes my favourite model right now!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Summer Weddings!

Arn't I the worst blogger in the world!
I only commented like 10 people after my last post
im just sorting everything out at college and at home at the moment and then ill be back on blogging form :)
having some boy trouble to lol :( but don't wanna go into that!
Today I had my first tattoo!
its only small and perfetic but i kinda never have really wanted one and i just got the urge to have one so i had something real small.
Its a tiny lil star on my right wrist! not sure if you can see from the pic but yeah =]
what you think?
Everyone had scared me telling me it was gonna kill!!
I wasn't scared of the pain, i was just worrid because I didn't know what to exspect! & the pain wasn't bad at all I kinda liked it cus im weird like that haha (horrible photo I know, but you can kinda see my tattoo)

Anyway! we had AMAZING weather here in England last week! Seriously! but thats over now as its been raining for past 2 days! (at least I can get more wear out of my navy mac! remember that?!) but in the summer when I visit family in Sicily I have a wedding to go to... and I really don't want to go but my mom really really wants me there so I thought it was a good excuse to by me a dress! I was thinking these:
Im loving the first one because I think it would look fantastic at my mates 18th birthday party aswell lol! I love the second because its simple and beautiful shape... i like the third because, well... i don't know the bride or the groom, and they don't know me so i think this is cool because its simple not really dressing up and so on...
what do you guys thinks???
im planning on wearing all the dresses with these beige t-strapes i posted
pre shopping
or maybe some nice sandals so not to dressed up.

Friday, 9 May 2008


Hye Everyone, im sorry i haven't for posted for so long ive been going through so much personal shit recently, blogging has been the last thing on my mind.
I can't go into detail, but my parents are trying to deal with unwanted crapness, and unfortunatly it 100% effects me.

I'm still not really thinking straight, so im not sure what to blog about so I thought this was a good idea to do that tag thing! =]
I think about 3 people tagged me so i will link them all! =] x

Here are the lovely rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers' blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

About me =]
1. I love the Disney Channel =] Hannah Montana, The suite life of Zack n Cody and of corse Even Stevens. I just love the inocent humour, & sometimes with the stresses of being 18 its cool to come home and watch some inocent humour thats just made to make you laugh! I also love High School Musical and all that =]

2. When it comes to fashion, i feel like mentally i know exactly what looks great. I know what matches and what looks good, and when im shopping I usually have a certain thing in mind that I can never find! I feel like a dress quite average but the fashion part of my brain is quite clever! if that makes any sence!

3. Im really short :) maybe like 4.11 maybe 5 foot now? haha and people make sure I never forget it! I tend to get treated like a kid because Im short which is way annoying. But most of my family are short, they say its cus were Italian haha

4. Im pretty much a geek lol, a cool geek maybe. My interests are totally different from my friends. I couldn't live without the computer and without films and TV but most of all I couldn't live without my Iphone at all! Its the most amazing thing ever! & worth every penny! Also recentnly i've started reading books alot. When I watch a good film... i want to read the book to! haha

5. I kind of have my life planned till im about... 25:
University for 2 years
In between the 2 years id like to do a Disney internship in florida for the summer
Italy for 1 year
Back to uni for another year
Then hopefully another year or 2 at NYC uni :)

6. Im a fitness freak... i go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I don't eat any shit lol! My lunch box is full of carrots and grapes and cherry tomatoes for college lol! I care to much about what I look like!


& Im going to tagg....

Really sorry if you didn't want to get tagged lol!
and also sorry about the Hilary Duff song... im not abig hilary duff fan but I just love the shia video =] xx
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