Saturday, 26 July 2008

In Sicily!

 Hey everyone!
Thanks for all your comments on the below post! I got loads considering i didn't get chance to comment anyone recently! Thanks :D
Anyway! Im leaving for Sicily in a few hours so I wont be posting for 3 weeks. 
But ill manage to get online once in a while n leave ya some comments
Love you all!
Adele x

Sunday, 13 July 2008


So i'm starting university in october, which is only in 2 months... and when I think about it like that, its not that far away untill my whole life changes! Hopefully for the best. So naturally I've been worrying about what im going to wear! Because meeting new people... first impressions and stuff, scary lol! So I've been looking through my stored collection of runway images from February to get some inspiration of what stuff i'm going to be buying before I leave for uni...
its a bit difficult considering all the highstreet shops are still going mad about summer and spring lol.
Colours to look out for:
  • Greys
  • Black
  • Nude/Cream
  • Gold
Pretty simple really, but thats how I like it lol... so here are some of my favorite outfits from fashion week in February to inspire me lol...
chanel, alexander wang, zac posen
alexander wang, nina ricci, alexander mcqueen
Also ill be looking out for
  • Fringe
  • Silk
  • Simple/casual high waisted skirts
  • Light grey tights
  • Maybe a white blazer
  • Pleats
  • Graphic tees
  • Blouses
So heres my wishlist so far...

Well thats not exactly what i'm going to buy but on that level...
So has everyone else started thinking about there autumn wardrobe?

Monday, 7 July 2008

Summers coming!

Thanks for everyones nice comments =] The post sounded like I was fishing for compliments, i really wasn't I just needed a good moan!

Anyway! so im going on holiday in 3 weeks! To Sicily to stay with family. Its not very nice where my house is, not very glamorous but i just love it because its a small little town where everyone knows everyone and its boiling hot! And you feel part of the country rather than a tourist! Well because ive left college & i dont have a job (haha) everything I do is preparing for my holiday... I convinced my dad to by a exercise bike instead of renewing my gym membership because im leaving home soon and i HATE the gym lol so now i spend like an hour on my exercise bike everyday while everyones out :) Im growing all my body hair so it can all be waxed off 2 days before I go lol I love the summer! So all the women in my family... my 2 aunties, my mom and my lil cousin ellie all went shopping in Birmingham saturday, so much fun lol I wasn't really summer shopping because ive got most of my stuff but I went to see if theres anything for Uni in the sales... I found this Blazer in Oasis... £45 reduced from £70... and then i looked at the tag again n it was reduced to £30, and then at the till it was £20! What a bargin!

My hair is a complete state! Im thinking about having it all chopped off. Well of corse not all of it, im thinking shoulder length? or just abit longer all one level. Because its much longer at the back.
What style do you think I could have my hair cut?
P.S Since I've started blogging i've started reading loads.. I've started reading 'The Basketball Diaries' and I think its great but im stopping reading it so I can enjoy it on the sun in Sicily :) So Im now reading 'This Boy's Life' which was another film that Leonardo Dicaprio was in... anyone read any of these?
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