Friday, 16 May 2008

Summer Weddings!

Arn't I the worst blogger in the world!
I only commented like 10 people after my last post
im just sorting everything out at college and at home at the moment and then ill be back on blogging form :)
having some boy trouble to lol :( but don't wanna go into that!
Today I had my first tattoo!
its only small and perfetic but i kinda never have really wanted one and i just got the urge to have one so i had something real small.
Its a tiny lil star on my right wrist! not sure if you can see from the pic but yeah =]
what you think?
Everyone had scared me telling me it was gonna kill!!
I wasn't scared of the pain, i was just worrid because I didn't know what to exspect! & the pain wasn't bad at all I kinda liked it cus im weird like that haha (horrible photo I know, but you can kinda see my tattoo)

Anyway! we had AMAZING weather here in England last week! Seriously! but thats over now as its been raining for past 2 days! (at least I can get more wear out of my navy mac! remember that?!) but in the summer when I visit family in Sicily I have a wedding to go to... and I really don't want to go but my mom really really wants me there so I thought it was a good excuse to by me a dress! I was thinking these:
Im loving the first one because I think it would look fantastic at my mates 18th birthday party aswell lol! I love the second because its simple and beautiful shape... i like the third because, well... i don't know the bride or the groom, and they don't know me so i think this is cool because its simple not really dressing up and so on...
what do you guys thinks???
im planning on wearing all the dresses with these beige t-strapes i posted
pre shopping
or maybe some nice sandals so not to dressed up.


fashion* CHALET said...

I will check out those Shia movies, thanks.
PS: I love RENT! :)

Danz said...

lol I should really stop taking the beach for granted huh? I've added you to my links. I also have a badge you can add to your page as a link to my blog :)

Secret Agent said...

Tattoos? Wow, you're a wild child. I've always wanted one, but my parents would probably disown me. I'm pretty honored, not only that you chose to "Tag" me, but I'm one of the 10 people you wrote a comment back to. I love you back, Adele. I love you so much that you should forget all your boy troubles and jump onto the Jacky boat.
Your first picture is hot. Who knew you had such awesome curls.

Wendy said...

Its so cool that you got a tattoo out of urge. And I think you should get the first dress.

She's Dressing Up said...

I like the 2nd dress best!
I've wanted a tattoo for a year or so but I'm too scared!

Carolina Lange said...

Your tatoo is really cute! I have a tiny star too!
Beautiful dresses!

autumn said...

i like the first one, too. simply lovely. =]

taffy. said...

ah, i rather like the black dress

Vain and Vapid said...

Cute tattoo! My vote goes to dress #1.

The Clothes Horse said...

Pretty dresses. Congrats on your tattoo--its very small and in a good place to not cause a lot of pain.

Kira Fashion said...

hi friend!

you are so right!
i bought a camera but it didn´t arrived yet...
but as soon as i get it, i am posting so much more about me!

thanks a lot for being around, you are so sweet!

a kiss,
see you,

Elle said...

I love your tattoo and all the dresses are very sweet.

The Seeker said...

I like a little star to a tatoo, it's so cute.
The dresses are very nice, and your hair is very pretty in this picture.
Why don't you put a more detailed picture of the tatoo?


Ragamala said...

the first dress is great. probably because I have one just like it!

Alice Point said...

Nice dresses! Mini lenght is my favourite:)


Sammie said...

I really love the first love. It's nice to see someone who shares the same love for shia labeouf that i do!

Ediot said...

you look great in that picture! and i love the first dress!
hope things solve themselves soon. take care!

iƱaki said...

I like the tattoo! I have a few friends who have it in the same place. i wanna get one too, but i don't know what picture!
You're very right, you'll look absolutely amazing in the first dress, i love it!!


The Stylish Wanderer said...

I love all of those

Jill said...

Congrats on getting your first tattoo. I really like small tattoos and if I get one it will be very small.

saray said...

the dresses are great!
the first one is my fav!

Aisha said...

I like your tatoo.

My sister wants that tatoo too, because she saw it on lindsay lohan, ha, but i believe that a tatoo must mean something, so that in years you don't regret about it.

I love that first dress, is perfect for an 18th party!

hannah said...

love that tattoo! very classy. if i were to ever bare the pain and get a tattoo, i would get something tiny and simple on my wrist or hand, just like that one. gorgeous.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Congrats on your first tattoo this is great, but be careful because they are addicting. I got my first one last year I said I would not get another but I did a week later hahaha

coco said...

I've seen quite a lot of people with stars on their wrists
I think it looks rather cute!

Katelin said...

i love the third dress, it's so cute.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love to have one..but my mom wont let me ur tattoo!!!wanna see it..must be supercool

Cate said...

-you definitely are NOT the worst blogger in the world!
-i like tattoos, but only if they're small like yours. a friend of mine has a little star on her wrist too.

and i definitely think you should buy that first dress for the wedding (for me weddings and other family occasions are always fun) ;-)

kirsty said...

wow you got a tattoo on impulse! that is amazing, i am too much of a chicken to do that. thank you so much for tagging me, but i already did that tag.
ah the wedding dress dilema! to be honest i like them all! i think the second one might be a bit too causal for a wedding though? it looks like you should be sailing on a yacht in the south of france (which is not a bad thing!). i think either the first or third one definitely.
and i know isn't it crap about the weather going bad again, just as i got my summer wardrobe sorted too!!

Kira Fashion said...

i did a new personal style post, check it out!

a kiss!!!

Molly :] said...

Hi Adeleee :]
Your going to regret mentioning english weather. It was LOVELY last week. i did my paper round in SHORTS AND A VEST! But now, rain, rain, rain. I'm going surfing in cornwall and its going to RAIN. I am NOT impressed at all!

Well, your tattoo looks lovely. was it your own design or did you pick it from their books?
Its nice because its not too obvious.. :)

Hope you are well x

Diana Coronado said...

Luv ur blog !!


The first dress is uber cute and way flattering.......


Gloria said...

wow the first dress is so GORGEOUS.

Ediot said...

thanks for this post. love dresses.
cant wait until i get some money so that i can buy a new summerdress. take care! have a great week!

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