Thursday, 13 March 2008

Men Awards haha

I was bored and I thought Id be abit different and just make an aprication post of some great guys in the celebrity world right now. This isn't a serious thing lol its just my opinion. (at the moment, my opinion is different everyweek) im gonna do like an award thing! Sorry all my male readers haha unless you like guys to... and how couldnt you! lol
Ill show the 'nominations' lol! and then maybe name a winner... if I can deside!

Best without clothes:
Zac Efron, Mitch Hewer, Jake Gyllenhaal

Winner: Mitch Hewer
Best with clothes (they probably don't have the best bodies hehe):
Matt Willis, Shia Labeouf, Orlando Bloom

Winner: Orlando Bloom
Most Stylish
David Beckham, Hayden Christensen, Milo Ventmiglia

This ones real hard they all look great, but im gonna go with consistancy
Winner: David Beckham
Although he has made some big mistakes in the past, kudos for being brave.
Fav Actor
Shia Labeouf, Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger

This is the hardest catorgory. All 3 are very gifted an natrual actors.
Its between Heath & Shia... i cant deside :)
I cant think of any more catorgories! and I dont want to bore you any more lol!
Let me know who your winners would be!x
Before I go... remember that skirt i asked with your advice with:

I found this dolce and gabbana outfit and the skirt is very simular haha thought id share :)


Kayleigh said...

Ah Jake, he's a cutie without his top. I think Hayden's a very classy guy.

Best Without Clothes: Jake Gyllenhaal/Gerard Butler
Best With Clothes: Joaquin Phoenix (actually I'd pick him for everything)
Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix

Honourable Mention: Tom Felton.

Jillian said...

haha what a great post!

Best without clothes... i love gyllenhall but... that Mich Hewer (who is he btw?) he is HOT!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm usually not into blondes

def orlando bloom w/ clothes! i love his hair too! so cute

david beckham can look hot dressed up or dressed down he has my vote as well!

heath was my favorite actor and acutally the only actor in hollywood i had a consistent crush on :( so sad

man heath was hot i am pretty sure he was about to realize anyday now that we were meant to be and was going to sweep me off my feet *sigh*

and i totally see that Dolce skirt and your skirt as twins very cute! and that is such a cute look w/ the shirt and oxfords! you could rock that!

The Seeker said...

Oh so funny post ;)

Orlando Bloom... definetly.

Oh and the skirt is so beautifull, I think you can wear yours in many ways, it has a neutral colour and a so trendy cut.

Thanks for you support about my yesterday mood, I really apreciated it.



good idea, those men's awards..mitch hewer should go shirtless until the end of time, in my opinion :)..and I'd pick shia for fav actor, he's come a long way from that one show he was in way back when, Even Stevens!

Katelin said...

Loooove Milo and Orlando, so hot!

The Clothes Horse said..., mmmm....Milo.

Jill said...

That Mitch is a looker. I like Beckham's style, but everytime I see him I imagine Posh telling him to go change, and dressing him herself, ha, it's weird.

saray said...

OMG i wanna have their babies!!!!

Aisha said...

This is so funny :)

I like Jake, for rather with a shirt on (i'm not much into musculature). Milo is also hoot.

molly said...

fun post!
we have different taste in men, apparently, but i enjoyed reading yours!

Elle said...

haha, love your men awards! i think im going to marry jake gylenhaal someday, lol.

and thank you for your comment- yes i did get my converse and finally have a new post :)

penelope said...

david beckham is the ultimate metrosexual and since he's an athlete, he ought to look pretty fine w/o his shirt!!!


Olivia said...

I think I am going blind because there are too many hot guys. :P I can't decide!!


PS: Trade links? I've added your site to my link list already, it's really good! :)

Reggie said...

I definetly think you should add Sean Faris from "Never Back Down" to the best topless category, lol

man do i love cute guys...and i love that we can just stare at these ones cause we probably will never meet them! lol


Secretista said...

Shia Labeouf is my secret love. OMG, what I would do to go on a date with him.

aficionada said...

haha great post!!

let's see, if I were a guy... I'd want....

Zac Efron's body
Hayden Christensen's style
& Milo Ventimiglia's looks


anna. said...

oh god. do i hafta share it?
its.. well... ummm.
i would rather message it to u if i had tot ell u.
i didnt reallly expect anyone to read that

Debbie Shiamay said...

I can't resist Zac Efron and Orlando Bloom.hahaha. Ur making all ur blog readers drool u noe dat ;P

Fashion Ivy said...

Best Without clothes: Zac Efron
Best With Clothes: Shia Labeouf ( love him)
Most stylish: Hayden
Fav Actor: Shia again

Love this post

Camilla said...

Jake Gyllenhaal<3

anna. said...

yah, i guess i should delete that, since its kind a hard to explain, lol.
btw do u wanna link up?

lane said...

HEATH for best actor.
the whole country was so sad when he passed...
he was excellent actor that picked his roles really carefully and brilliantly :)

and that skirt is super cute.

loving the blog as usual!

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

good idea
i cant do this on my blog :(
my bf woldnt like lol
enjoy while you can hahahahha
mitch is handsome, the kind of "ist true" uau.

kisses girl
i´m waiting for you in my blog :)

Gloria said...

that mitch guy is a lot hotter...zac efron is not so..

Molly :] said...

Hi Adele!
Sorry its taken me so long to reply, i was stupid enough to agree to taking ICT GCSE so now im stuck doing essays on how to copy and paste. I mean, who CARES?!

Anyways, im glad you chose Maxxie to win, although Zac is gorgeous too. Im actually glad you nominated him as most bloggers hate him. :)

I havent watched Tonys episode yet!! I usually watch it on Thursdays. Something about Tony really annoys me, maybe its just since his accident but he's suddenly got a bit boring?
And i agree about Chris, i actually think he's really funny and i really liked his episode.

I hope its not going to be one of the girls episodes next. I hope it will be Maxxies again :) haha.

Hope you are well, x


omg i love these men awards! i totally agree with the most sylish category! and david beckham is just honestly like every category even thought he doesnt act.. his body is so hott he can ACT! and jake gyllenhal ahhhh! haha i love your post!

Carolina Lange said...

Jake Gyllenhaal!!!!!

Patricia Gordillo Serrano said...

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Ana said...

oh man...such eye candy!!!

iñaki said...

Haha, well as much as I'm not into guys, I can appreciate a good post! I definitely think you got it totally right with the three nominated for most stylish. I only found a flaw and it probably has something to do with the fact that I can't stand Zac Effron.


Karine said...

I agree with you!

Jake Gyllenhaal is my favorite of all times!!!He's so adorable.

I like Shia and Beckham too..Gorgeous!


Loved your post!

Anonymous said...

omggg, yes yes I agree on your picks!

oh and I started watching Skins S2 via Youtube and other places, I just finished watching episode 6 a few days ago, it is SO addicting. I love it. I must admit that British humor/entertainment approach trumps American...

alexgirl said...

You made some great choices!
I think I'd have to agree, but I'd add Josh Hartnet somewhere in that list, and Christian Bale, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers... all hotties!!!

Anonymous said...

Loveee Zac Efron! there all sexy!

Anonymous said...

Mitch is HOT.
And Matt Willis is a hottie too <3.
And Shia La Beouf... andddd Milo annnnd Orlando.

Ahh, they're all hot!

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