Saturday, 31 May 2008


I promise to update more =]
I've even had a week holiday from college and haven't had the desire to blog lol!
I was hoping to post a fashion post but ive had no inspiration lol
I bought some keds from ASOS last week and there my favourite thing to wear at the moment!

Okay I've just ordered loads of Abercrombie & Fitch stuff for the summer, you know like basics; denim, vests, flip flops lol you have to remember that Abercrombie isn't half as popular over here in the UK as it is in America. Plus ill be spending my summer in Sicily and they don't know what fashion is over there! (lol that was abit harsh, but my house is in a really small village with like one clothes shop & its really bad haha) I also ordered two Ed hardy bikinis which im really excited to get :) But i really want an Ed hardy cap so bad! for like the gym and just chlling lol! I really want this one Vanessa Hudgens has.... or that one Ashley Tisdale has...

but i can't find them anywhere! There is no Ed Hardy shops in this country (at least i dont know) and I have to result to Ebay and they don't have much choice when it comes to Ed Hardy caps.
Well anyway while I was serching for Ed Hardy caps i came across this site: and they have the most amazing caps!
Im deciding between these two:

If you look they are actually different lol, I can understand if you don't like them but i love it... & yes im a Pisces! lemme know which one you think i should get or weather I should carry on looking for the ed hardy one.

England Vs America
I was really excited for the match because firstly its the last one for ages & plus I love America so i couldn't wait to see all the fans and stuff! I was suprised how many fans were there actually! Before the match I was in the pub surounded by Americans! was totally wierd lol! If you didn't watch England won 2 - 0 :D & Jon Terry scored! I don't want to bore you with football talk but was happy for him man after he missed the penalty for Chelsea :(

Its the final of Britains got talent tonight!
Now I don't watch Britains got talent ever! This is the first time i've paid attention to it! because this lil lad has totally got me hooked I think hes amazing! I posted a video of him before don't know if any of you watched it but this was his semi final performance, i think hes so amazing!!

Im going through a thrase of reading the book after ive watched thye movie! this is strange for me because im not the reading type lol
So i read all of Jarhead & Holes which i loved and now im reading A Guide to recognizing your saints! I love the film sooo much! Im also in love witht the soundtracks for Disturbia, A Guide to recognizing your saints & holes! lol!
Oh and I cannot wait for the MTV Movie Awards!! Im backing Shia Labeouf on all that his nominated for haha!
Soryy long post lol


Carolina Lange said...

I love keds, they are so confortable!
That was an amazing game!

Secretista said...

I would go with the black hat.

o0o I can't wait to see Shia either!!

That's funny that you didn't watch Sex and The City because it had 'sex' in the title! That's the same reason I didn't watch it at first either. But then I got a TV in my room in 6th grade and I decided to take a peek after seeing a commercial, and was hooked!

saray said...

I love those keds..
i own a pair and i always wear them!!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

have fun with the A&F stuff

Seraphine said...

I'm a Pisces too!
I like the Ed Hardy cap on the left. They're cool because you can draw on them, and have your friends write on them, and it doesn't spoil the design.

hannah said...

i love keds. they are wonderful!

Working Girl Two said...

i miss my keds from my childhood. target has cute gym shoes that you should look at!

The Seeker said...

You look so nice in the game picture.
And the video is amazing, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for your nice words in my blog.

Debbie Shiamay said...

I think your cap is super cool. My sis will totally fall heads over heels for designs like that. ;)

Great photos girl!

MR style said...

keds are too much mischa barton for me !! damn marissa :)

Times of Glory said...

Hello, I came across your blog and find it really interesting! You look super sweet in the match! I love your choice for clothing, they are not only stylish but also very useful! I can imagine you wearing an Ed Hardy cap and looking effortlessly stylish!

rohit said...



Belowen said...

Haaaa, that kid is so entertaining!!!

Jill said...

I have shoes similar to your keds, I wear them all the time! I don't wear caps or hats in general much, so I really can't tell you which you prefer.
Lucky you, The football match sounded fun!

Kira Fashion said...


amazing post!
i love footbal too!
amazing you went to this match :)

a kiss,
love your blog, you are very sweet!
see you,

Kira Fashion said...


amazing post!
i love footbal too!
amazing you went to this match :)

a kiss,
love your blog, you are very sweet!
see you,

Kira Fashion said...


amazing post!
i love footbal too!
amazing you went to this match :)

a kiss,
love your blog, you are very sweet!
see you,


What a lovely comment...thank you. The adoration is mutual:)


Danz said...

my goodness, that kid is a born performer! that was sooo cool! how old is he anyway?

Savvy Gal said...

Love Keds, they are great for summer. I know what you mean about not wanting to blog and needing a vacation. I have been traveling and am exhausted.

She's Dressing Up said...

I like the idea of a starsign cap!!

autumn said...

the caps are really nice. wonder if there's available for virgo. lol.

and you look great in your pic. ^^

T said...

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ps: Sorry. My english is very bad!

T said...

Hi, I am Thais, from Brasil and I really lov your blogger! Your banner and pics are beauty. If you can, please go at my blogger, make a visit. Thanks.
ps: Sorry. My english is very bad!

Vain and Vapid said...

Keds are a classic but I thought that in the UK they are called Plimsoles?

fashion* CHALET said...

I love my Vintage Keds (I call them vintage cause they're from the 80's and were my Mom's) I used to have them too when I was little, but my feet obviously grew :(

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

adele, i reaaly liked the caps :)
i have some caps at home, but anyone iguals these lol


Bocadelobo said...

hi adele
how are you?
nice post today as always
have a great day

Olivia said...

I love those caps! And those shoes look great. btw, I like the new banner. (:

taffy. said...

okay, you definitely HAVE to comment and tell me if he won.
changed the URL

ellie said...

So much fun, your blog. Really so much to see.

belle.chantelle said...

I've been routing for george sampson since I saw him audition last year. I ADORE THIS CHILD!
He can dance, I should know, I've been dancing since I was 7.


i love watching the you tubes of bristish talent, its so fun!

Rose said...

he's got so much charm


Sydney Speel said...

ooh! my sister got those shoes! i love them!

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey Adele. Are you interested in designing. Well if so, check out my blog for details on a great contest.

Anonymous said...


The Ed Hardy Cap is real cute. I love it. =D Haha, and I'll be most likely to watch the Mtv awards as well. :)

Hit me back!

Aren xo

Jillian said...

I love your new banner!!!

Secret Agent said...

Those Keds are awesome. Such casual shoes that'll look great on anything.
To be completely honest though: I don't know what's the big deal with Ed Hardy and Christian's such a flashy brand to wear. I know, from where I'm from, only the gangsters, or the people who are wannabe-gangsters wear them.. and even so, they look stupid.
Sorry, it's just my personal opinion about this brand.

iñaki said...

GREAT header!
I personally don't like Ed hardy, but I am sure you can pull it off! ;)


Sydney Speel said...

new site link:

Sammie said...

I watched the video of the dancer and he was fantastic! I hope he wins. I can't wait until America's Got Talent starts.

Reggie said...

i would go with the black one or just wait and get Ed Hardy, because he's flippin amazing

oh...and im back!


Wendy said...

I think I want some classic white keds too.

Drop a tear in my wineglass said...

does anyone know what song George is dancing to? I want to see if I can try to dance like him (a task I telly now is impossible, but it doesnät hurt to try :P).


ooohmaureen said...

i love the cap, and your dress :) x

Soù said...

Hey Adele!
I just wanted to say that I love your photos and the way you dress!
I'm a fan of Vanessa's style too and I can't believe you've meet her and Zac, you're so lucky! Well, I've meet Zac here in Italy but I wish I could meet Vanessa!
And I'm so jealous, for your handbag that looks like the Miu Miu Lux Purse that Vanessa has. I'm looking for one similar everywhere..Where did you find yours?? =P
PS: I'm sorry if there are mistakes because my english is not perfect =S

Cole said...

hey this is cole, im a friend of raigan's well i see that ur a chelsea fan, and im sorry to say but im a gunner for life.

Anonymous said...

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