Saturday, 29 March 2008

back from paris

I was very impressed with Paris... there are alot of people dotted around that really fashion inspired me, more so than New York. I thought in New york it was all ugg boots and sweaters... but I did spend most my time in very tourist places and didn't venture out towards Soho and so on.
I noticed nearly everyone wore converse! In a fantastic non emo way! Most were worn with straight/skinny jeans and a trench or a mac, I love how the emo trend seems non existant over there!
Some of you commented and said that I should wear my new clothes in Paris... I actually didnt because I was only there for 2 days and I was there for a Football (Soccer) match and fashion is non existant are games so i just throw on my england shirt to support my country :)

Heres a photo of me & my good friend Nathan at the Effiel Tower
(I look really moody but a lil french guy was shooving an umbrella in my face trying to make me buy it haha!)
See what I mean about not being able to control my fringe! (it was raining haha)

I really don't have much to blog about today but i just wanted to state that I have finally understand the Primark craze!!
The primark in my town (Birmingham) is such a mess!! clothes everywhere! its usually totally packed so I really do not have the patience so I always wanted to go to the one in London. But everytime I go to london I get cought up doing something else! So i went to the Primark near me on a quiet afternoon and quickly had a look round! I didnt have much money or much time but I did buy these!

Bag £3 Shoes £8

How amazingly cheap! £3 for a bag! haha Corse it isnt the best quality but who cares! not me! lmao!
My friend is taking me thrift shopping on Saturday, im quite excited lol im new to it! Everytime I see my friend she looks amazing and im like OMG i love your bag! or your shoes! and shes like oh its from the charity shop! :O lmao and ive noticed it with all you bloggers to! So shes taking me out to her shops for the day lol!!
OH! and I was 3 rows back at the football game!! At the corner flag aswell so when Beckham took his corners I was so close!! I could actually see his facial features! haha Was amazing! at one point me and nathan was actually on tv haha... but I left my camera at home! and my phone ran out of battery! gutteddd


Reggie said...

soooo jealous that you got to see Beckham, he is ah-mazing!!!

Your friend is pretty cute, lol!

cute bag and shoes, man i'm jealous, great price!!!


Wendy said...

I want to go to Primark too! But its nonexistent where I live. Have fun thrifting, its amazing what you can find!

The Seeker said...

Have fun thrifting, I envy you because I don't have places to thrift, so I can't get good things with low prices.


Secret Agent said...

Where was the "emo" look non-existent ?In Paris or New York?
Anyways, that whole hipster look is kinda played out. I mean, hipster used to be "hip" and interesting. But now, every damn "hipster" dresses the same. Nothing unique or special. Looking on The Sartorialist, most of the good fashion comes from Paris and London.

Cate said...

wow amazing! emo is not existant in paris! I'm moving there.
the bag and shoes you bought are so cute, and you didn't even have to spend much for them! wow!
i am a football fan too and it's amazing that you got to see your hero so up close!!!

hannah said...

im so jealous! look like you had a good time. i never go to soccer (football) games, but i think i might go to one when the la galaxy comes to town. haha.

i love those shoes and that bag is incredible.

Carolina Lange said...

Pris is allways amazing! Sounds like you had a great time!
Very nice buys!

Seraphine said...

oh yeah, my hair curls and frizzes in the rain too. I used to hate it, but now... meh, it happend. Paris is worth the frizziness.

Vain and Vapid said...

Good luck with your thrift shopping. I always like it as long as I'm not in a rush cause it takes a lot of time... I'll be in Paris this Tuesday too, can't wait...

Mademoiselle Bariolée said...

wow love especially the shoes and only £8!! ♥

Aisha said...

Oh, i wanna visit france so bad.
I loved the outfits (both) you posted oin the previous post, you make the I love NY tee look even cooler ;)

Oh, and I love the little black bag you bought, also.


omg your pictures are gorgeous! i love paris... ive never been but that sceond picture is making me so envious! and i love that little bag you got- its so sweet!
by the way, thank you for your comment. im so nervous, ims cared everyone will be mean!

taffy. said...

nathan is darling :)
augh, i absolutely LOVE paris.
why crushed, love?

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely buys. You lucky girl! I want to go so badly...

anna. said...

i want those shoes!
i like soccer, oops football, i used to play up till this year.
then again, i HAVE to like it, im half german. so its like law. lol.
whats yr fave team? [idk A LOT about the teams, but i know a little about the pro ones, haha]

Bocadelobo said...

i'm agree about paris
it's totally fashion
i really love it :)

Elle said...

ahhhh that sucks about your camera!!
but i am veryyy jealous you got to go to paris. and thats sweet how they all wear converse!
love your purchases.

Debbie Shiamay said...

You're so lucky to be there!!!! Omg i want to go too!!! hahaha. You look cute. Ur fringe is great girl.

Ross&Jenny said...

I agree with you; Birmingham Primark is a nightmare!!! I only go V early or V late and ever never never on a Saturday or in November or December!

Jillian said...

aww i hope you had a lovely time!!!

i love those flats too btw!!! such a cute find!

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

hi my friend!
hope you really liked the trip!!!
talk to you, soon xx

Anonymous said...

really great buys :)

molly said...

oh, i hear you on the fringe! when its raining or windy out, mine takes a life of its own!
drives me crazy

because im addicted said...

ahhh how fun!!

Anonymous said...

Milo is my love (well next to my boyfriend), and thanks for my comment. Still wondering how you found it, but I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

Caroline said...

you lucky girl! looks like you had a blast. and yummmmmmm beckham. i'm quite jealous.

Jill said...

Must have been great to be that close at a game. Love the new bag, $3 is such a steal!

Katelin said...

aw i want to go to paris!

jenny h. said...

i have that bag in yellow :)
i lovee it.

and vintage/thrift-shopping is amazing.
have fun :)

DemolitionLovers said...

ok i'd like tp start off my saying tht i love ur blog so i dnt come off as a hater when i say this. first of all, im not emo. i love fashion but the outfits i wear and outfits i design (my dream job is a designer) r inspired by emo and punk since i have emo friends. most my music consists of punk, emo, metal, pop punk and so on and i go to warped every year so i feel compelled to say, why dont you like emos? its not a bad trend at all, its cute and fun. i dnt expect you to like them just bcuz i posted this but the way u wrote about it made it sound as if they were the plague

Anonymous said...

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