Monday, 30 June 2008


Blog about letting your feelings out right?
I have no fashion inspiration, I feel like everything in my wardrobe is dated and unfashionable. I feel fat. & short. I want a nose job & thicker hair. I want to look like Megan Fox n have Rachel Bilson's wardrobe. My hair is thining and I have chapped lips due to the side efects of an acne tablet ive been taking (which hasn't been working, I still have shitty skin) all this leads to me being boyfriendless, a situation ive come to terms with and only really upsets me if I think deeply about it. I have a beautiful best friend who can be with any guy she wants, moaning to me about love & sex... and I start to question our 15 year friendship as she let's out her boring, shallow & empty self. & this is all we talk about. She doesnt have anything logical and non selfish to say. She has no idea I think so low of her & I laugh as she thinks she has ambition but won't get anywhere in life if she can't last a few days without sex.
God how were different but I still love her :)

Now ive got that off my chest :) I can once again apologise for my lack of blogging... I have no excuses =]I left college last week :( was quite sad, the photography department was in the basement cut off from the rest of the college so everyone down there kinda felt like family... And now il never go down again : ( good news though I got Distinction x 3 on my final major project (thats highest mark you can get) which gets me into university! Whey getting nervous now!!

I haven't really got any great to share with you... just my love for Leonardo Dicaprio this week. I watched 'The Basketball Diaries' for the first time. I watched it because I love New York films, i also think Leonardo & Mark Wahlberg are great. I enjoyed the film so much it inspired me to watch all of Leonardo's films lol which reminded me how much I love 'The Departed' seriously I could never get bored of this film!

oo ooh i watched WANTED... I was real excited for this film... me being a big James Mcavoy fan! I loved it to... it was abit stupid and bizzare in some places but end of the day I enjoyed it :) A


Trixy Tran said...

Aw, I have these days all the time :[ But don't let them get you down! I know this sounds totally cheesy, but try doing stuff you love (shopping always works for me!). Haha (:

Sydney Speel said...

i hate these days :(

if it helps, i looked at the clip on a guide to recognizing your saints, and realized, wow. shia labeouf is unbelievebly gorgeous.

on these days, i look up pictures of gorgeous movie stars (shia) and often eat popcorn and blow pops.

but remember, chocolate is always the way to go


Sydney Speel said...

i'm back again haha!

my group therapist friend says, if you're feeling really down, take a shower and after your shower, look at yourself in the mirror and list out 10 positives. butt naked, and do this every night. it helps!

CoutureCarrie said...

I think we all feel that way sometimes . . . for what it's worth, you're gorgeous, and don't forget it!

The Seeker said...

You're such a beautiful girl!!!
Be proud of that.
I know we all have those periods, I've been there too.

That also shall pass. Confidence and a big smile gorgeous girl :)


Secretista said...

I hope you feel better because I think your gorgeous darling!

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous! ^^ And I think everbody has those day's where they're down and you just gotta lift yourself back up and realize you are special! :) Thanks for the comment! Hit me back.

autumn said...

hey you're back! nice to see you in here again. =]

why do sometimes people have less self-confidence? i'm like that, too. but you know. you're so pretty. you got a perfect nose. i don't like my nose, it's kinda big. lol. you got a beautiful hair. and i don't see anything wrong with your skin. anyway, don't feel bad about yourself. you are special in some way. ^^

Luna said...

Wow, I wonder how you can feel that way. I've always thought you were gorgeous. but i still know how you feel, I think everybody does. It's good letting all your feelings out like that though :) Hope things will get better.

Mikkle said...

awww my heart goes out to you! I think from what I have seen on this blog that you are a beautiful fashionable girl who has so much to offer! a hug and chipper up! things will get better


thanks sweetie xx
PS: your dress below is TDF, it's so cute on you!! ♥

NewYorkChique said...

i'm sure you're perfectly fine! don't think badly of yourself at all!
But on a side note, don't look down at your friend because all she talks about is love, or that because she likes having sex she won't get anywhere in life. if she has ambition (even if you don't see it), she'll go far. and when you get a boyfriend, you'll see that you'll start feeling the same way about love and things. its easy to be jealous of someone who has someone who cares about them, but just have patience! dont take it out on your friend- when you'll find the right guy itll be amazing. wow i ranted, but just a peice of advice.

haha and im glad you liked wanted, i wanted to see it (because of james McAvoy) and it looks pretty good!

Times of Glory said...

Adele, trust me even Hollywood actresses have these days... Darling, please please listen to me and repeat afterwards to yourself that you are
"truly madly gorgeous and intelligent!!!!!!" Yes, we have imperfections, but who doesn't?

Hope you feeling better now... as you never know what great suprises may come to you tomorrow

lots of lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

Fashion Ivy said...

You are a beautiful girl. We all have our bad days. Cheer up.

hannah said...

we all are intitled to a rant every once and awhile.

i saw wanted as well! i thought it was really good. but i felt like it really didnt tell too much of a story. and the end was...hmmm.

Lil Midget said...

Yes, blogs are for rants so no worries about you ranting! Everyone has a day when they feel shitty about anything and everything...and everyone has the right to rant on these days. Hope you're feeling better!

Btw...Shia Labeouf looks hot in that photo! I always saw him as an annoying kid. Heheh. It's like DiCaprio. I used to think him of another blond haired pretty face, but when I saw him in The Departed and Blood Diamond. He's turned gorgeous! Must be something about the unshaven look which interests me :) Love the blog!

Steph said...
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Steph said...

yay for your distinction x3 :) I had more than a few of those days, so don't worry. You're beautiful too! And I suppose that's what it's like when it comes to best friends. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and accept them for who they are.

Debbie Shiamay said...

I watched Wanted too... the ending killed the movie for me... Im not sure i completely enjoyed it haha. Planning to go for Hancock next!

Seraphine said...

I think you are ready for university now. It sounds like you're ready for change and a new challenge.
I've used retin-a on my face and its gotten dry like that. Don't be discouraged because it *does* help.

iñaki said...

Aw, don't think like that. I know how it feels to have a not-so-good time, but it's not as bad as it seems, you'll see. As for your friend, maybe you're only focusing on her shallow qualities because you're upset with things you feel are wrong with yourself. But let me say, you're not fat in the least, you look great. and, honestly, I wouldn't care that much about the hair, a guy won't look at its thickness.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for your comment!

Haha, I know. I'm completely mad with soccer. My whole family is obsessed about it, actually.

Hope you're feeling more upbeat today!

copperoranges said...

awww, i hope you felt better after your rant!

keep your chin up girl. you're way too hard on yourself!

Shen-Shen said...

I think you're quite gorgeous, to be quite honest with you!

I'm often critical about myself (I have stumpy legs, and flabby inner thighs, haha) and I do wish I looked like Megan Fox. That girl is amazingly sexy/gorgeous/beautiful beyond belief!!

However, I say you shouldn't let yourself get yourself down, I am sure you are more stunning than you believe yourself to be.

And on another note. AH MY GOD MARK WAHLBERG/LEONARDO DICAPRIO/THE DEPARTED! What a great movie!

And Wanted, sigh.. That movie makes me want to just go kick ass :D

Danz said...

hey adele, I know how you feel. I have plenty of body issues myself, which I try to ignore most of the time, but sometimes it can be frustrating. I try to put all my focus on the good stuff (difficult, i know), improve what I can and accept the rest :)

I also once had a friend like yours who was only concerned about her life and problems but was never interested in mine. Eventually I realized that I deserved more out of a friendship than just some laughs and being her personal shrink. We still speak but we're not 'best friends' anymore.

Congrats on your excellent project grade! That's great!

I'm also a huge James McAvoy fan (swoon!) so Wanted is definitely a must-see for me!

Reggie said...

awwww im sooo sorry, drifing from friends realy sux! and by the description of your symptoms im assuming your on me it is allll worth it in the end! i have lots of friends who use it!

and id love to trade links!


1234 said...

aww, girl, i know how you feel. if youve been friends with someone that long, its too strong of a friendship to question. if shes bothering you, trying letting her know somehow? like just go out for a coffee one day and tell her how you feel. if youve been listening to her, make it clear you want the same in return. and you are not fat at all!! i think youre gorgeous!

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

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Kira Fashion said...

oh, dear,
everybody fell like you are feeling some days, but remember: everybody is beautiful by the way we are and you are gorgeous!!! I am sure, you have some great clothes in your wardrobe!!

a kiss,
hope you are fine,
see you,

Belowen said...

Feel better soon honey xxx

Adiel said...

I hate when I have days like this! You truly are a fashionable and beautiful woman though!
Chin up!

sabrina che ismail said...

hey adele.
this is like the first time ive ever come across someone who knows james mcavoy. or maybe my friends are just not a BIG movie fans. lol.

Anonymous said...


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