Monday, 25 February 2008

Iam turning 18 in 2 days!

Ive blogged alot about fashion recently, and to be honest its not my best point... but I try.
I havent watched any new films, i love my movie channels right now & theres nothing really at the Cinema thats really making me want to organise a cinema trip lol.
The Pursuit of happyness
I watched this for the first time last week, & I thought it was amazing... when it was showing at the cinema it didn't really grab me to watch it but I really thought it was fantastic. I cried at the ending and the scene in the toilet with his son, so amazing. Will Smith was really great, I really love him recently.

So... sorry to go on about it, but I turn 18 in 2 days and I go to New York in 3 days and I have my birthday meal in 1 day! So Im very excited right now!
Ive been planning my trip to New York because its probably going to be the last time I go over to the states for years because Im starting Uni this year. So I want to take advantage of all the great shops :) (& fantastic exchange rate!)
So I dont think Im going to post untill after I get back so then Ill have loads of interesting things to say!

One thing Im planning on buying from New York are some Converse...
I have never in my life wanted converse, but recently I think they look so fashionable and trendy... not the boot like ones the ankle ones.
I either just want some white or navy ones or i quite like these:

So i wanted to ask.
What do you think the best way to wear converse without making them look emo/rock but more trendy and fashionable.
Im thinking ill wear them alot with shorts and skirts in the summer... I have a house in Sicily were Im spending my summer and it wont be a proper holiday (like pool every day, resteraunt every night) I think a pair of converse will be practical.
On this cool fashion forum (click here i reccomend you join up, all the members all have great style.) I found some cool outfits that include sneakers lol so thought id post :)

Image Credit - The first image is from the forum post by a user called prettygirl7
& the second i found on google (if thats you let me know haha)
Oh & Ive just watched the Oscars red carpet with Ryan... I love Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum & Mileys Cyruss's dresses! The red totally looked amazing! But why does Miley look soo different recently... her teeth look really weird... Iam not bashing ive been a Miley fan for like 2 years!x
But I do beleive Marion Cotillard deffinately had the best dress :)

Friday, 22 February 2008

Pre - Shopping

Me & my mom did abit of pre shopping today lol... shopping for shopping! I haven't been shopping for ages like since before xmas because im saving for new york but my mom needed some comfortable boots to walk round NY in and I was after some ankle boots...
I ended up buying cowboyish black boots... I was never into the whole cowboy boots craze/trend but these boots actually looked cute on me. They were from quite a crapy shop but i was desperate so i went in and looked they were just £12. but that wasn't my bargin of the day! My mate works in a shoe shop here called Lilly and Skinners (i think) not really a fashionable shop just practical, but its closing down so there having 'Buy one get one free' and my mate said there was some cool stuff so i should take a look...
My mom found some nice plain boots in there so she told me to have alook around see if there was anything I liked because they would be free... & I found these:

There a nude colour with a shine and quite a thick heel... I absolutly love them! and i love them so much better the fact they cost me (or my mother lol) nothing! I don't really have anything to wear with them right now.
Anyway heres me experimenting with my new dresses :)

This is the one im planning on wearing for my birthday with my new boots and one my heels and my black cardigan. I also tried it with my leather jacket click to see that. It looks nice with my black wasit coat to. These 2 photos don't really make it look great but I do love it :) Im crap at taking photos in the mirror (my dirty mirror lol)

I quite like this dress now... it was the £6 one, i added the black belt and a cardigan... I tried it with my new boots to. Any thoughts?
Oh one more thing! Thanks everyone for your help with my photography project. Ive lead to this photo...

I really love it, and im good with adobe, so ill be able to edit the dress.
A fashion blogger is selling that dress on ebay... and its really cheap so I thought id by that an use it for my photoshoot... I might do a self portrait as the dress is my size... and my hair is that colour right now... & I dont know wear id find a model lol!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Photography Project - Help!

I have a new photography project my tutor gave me to think about...
I thought id ask you lot for your ideas :)
I have to take an artists work (drawing/painting)... and translate it into a photograph. I don't have to completely copy it but take epliments from it. If you don't get what I mean heres an example .

Theres a painting by Manet, recreated by the band Bow wow wow.
I want something cool, fun and realistic... by realistic I mean easy to create and not to hard lol!
I really like this one so far...
What you guys think? Thought Id ask you all as you lot cus you all seem quite creative!

Nexxttt.... you remember that black & white stripe dress I showed you, that I planned to wear for my 18th birthday meal (which is next wednesday:) well this dress was on sale for just £6! So i ordered it aswell as the striped one because I thought it looked like it had potential lol and I could do something great with it... I did actually consider wearing this for christmas day when it was still £30. Any ideas how I could wear this? I was thinking I would wear a belt with it, depending on where the Lurex part ends on me...

Im just watching the brits... its been on 10 mins and its been amazing so far!! Mika & Beth Ditto were so amazing!! Im not really a Mika fan but he did Britain proud! And well Beth Ditto's song 'Standing in the way of control' also known as 'The Skins song' lol was probably my song of 2007! So I thought the opening was fantastic! Im backing Artic Monkeys & Mark Ronson I think tonight... and Rhianna is about to sing with the Klaxons & She looks fantastic! Although I think Ive heard to many versions of Umbrella.

Fashion wise I haven't been very impressed... I thought Kylie looked so beautiful, her hair was great. I didn't like Leona Lewis dress much at all... the brits come once a year... and im sure she wont be up for so many awards next year so I think a better dress was in order lol.
Anyway Artic Monkeys made me chuckle! they always try and do something special & theve dressed as posh english men! haha & I think they look real smart lol! Specially the main guy in the black sweater. lol dont no his name :)

Thanks everyone! really apriciate all your comments!!
PS.Would still love tips for my shopping trip to New York, I go the 29th! so excited!
I made a video of all cool (& sexy) bits of Mitch Hewers character Maxie... its quite long but so cool! First its Maxxie dancing cus hes an amazing dancer and then its parts of skins :)

Monday, 18 February 2008

Mitch Hewer

Mitch Hewer
He plays a gay teenager in the hit UK teenage drama Skins.
Lets not talk about the acting side of things because to be honest... he's not the best of actors!
I think the Skins people have done a great thing making him a main character because
he's so hot this series, he's defiantly been trying hard at the gym... a bit to much on the
sun bed but I think that's for his character.

I wanted to talk about his character Maxie Oliver's fashion, its kinda bad that the Skins people have stereotyped the gay to have a good sense of fashion lol

I love the brown and pink stripe top with the shirt, the middle one he wore to a rave/party and he was all in white and looked a bit over stylish but acceptable. There's only been one episode of the second series... episode 2 is on tonight so looking forward to seeing Maxie's outfits lol.

After all that I thought i'd blog about some guy fashion... what I like in a guy. To be honest I don't think I could date a guy who was totally fashion forward just someone who knows what looks nice and cares about what they look like. I think for me he has to wear good denim. If I don't like a guys jeans... haha. I don't like skinnys much but straights good and occasionally some guys really make baggy look good, but they have to be well made and maybe a bit of detail. I think with guys jeans its really easy to make them look cheap.

I love those 3 pairs... I know there all quite similar, I don't like dark jeans much. Only if there skinny. I love the 3rd photo whole outfit... nice and simple. These jeans are by Diesel & Lee.

I'm totally loving these metallic bomber jackets Vanessa Hudgens has been wearing.
I really like the gold... hoping to get one while I'm in New York... anyone know
any good shops that sell them apart from Urban Outfitters & American Apparel
where I could buy something like these?

Thanks for everyone's lovely comments on my hair... I've got used to it now and
I like it :)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

My new Hair.

So Ive gone from blonde... to.. black, I didn't want black hair, I wanted more Cheryl Tweedy than Lilly Allen (I dont like Cheyrl Tweedy) all my mates have said its not black at all and its a nice dark brown and they seem happy with it...but I was more than shocked upset and disapointed with this new colour.
To be honest it doesn't look that bad... part of me really likes it. But its just not me at all, not my style. I feel it looks stupid with some of the clothes I wear and stuff. I also think it looks very fake. Not stylish or trendy at all. I did actually ask to go back to my natrual colour and this is what she gave me so.
I feel like someone has plonked a wig on me! & I have to go to New York like this and have my 18th birthday... argh im sure ill get used to it, she told me it would fade to.
From these to photos I think it looks better than the blonde but I would be so much happier if it was a few shades lighter! And i have to wear loads more makeup and in person it just doesnt look that good.
Whats everyones opinions!? try and convince me that I don't look like a goth/stacey slater! :(

PS. Mind the reallyy terrible pics :)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

18th Birthday...

Heyy again everyone... a nice blog from me today :)
Now valentines day is over!
I actually had a cool day... had a indian with my mom and dad which was so beutifull lol! and we watched Little Miss Sunshine... which i thought was a great movie! So unexpected... I though Paul Dano was great and has give me some reason to watch There will be blood cus i just cant bring my self to...

Anyway... on the 28th of February its my 18th birthday, which I guess its a big deal! I'm actually going to New York with my mom for a long weekend! HOW FANTASTIC!! Were espically going for shopping and the exchange rate is soo fantastic ($100=£50) I cannot wait to go Abercrombie. Im planning on getting some new uggs because mine are ruined Ive had them like a year an a half and as there half price in NY so I should... does anyone have any shopping tips for me?
My favourite stores online are Free people, forever 21, urban outfitters... so I have to go all of them. I also would love an Ed Hardy cap.... but have no idea wear i could buy one from?
Would reallyyy apriciate it if you could give me some ideas :)

Im flying from London early morning on the 29th so me and my mom have to make our way down to london on my actual birthday but Im having a meal on the 27th... and Ive been working out what im wearing. What do you guys think of this....
I really liked this when I was looking, I was actually looking for a cute floral tea dress but thought this was quite nice... I was thinking either with my black leather jacket or a black cardigan... black tights and either cute rounded black heels or some tan boots like the model? this is for a meal out so i guess the heals an leather jacket? but im thinking about buying these tan boots aswell just because ive been wanted some for ages and these are actually on sale and not to cowboyie. (plus there on sale)

Thanks xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Valentines day

Valentines day is a shmock
Its just an excuse for people to spend money and remind them selves tha someone loves them and someone finds them attractive. Were it just reminds people like me that no1 loves them and that no1 finds them attractive. Yes, this blog is coming from a bitter single girl who has nothing better to do on this special day :)
Maybe I wouldn't be so single today if I didnt have a really weird taste in guys... you know Im generally attracted to fantastic looking, toned, happy, healthy, talented and sucsessful lads. Actually Im not that fussy, one of my perfect guys would be Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno) and my Mom keeps reminding me that he isn't the best looking guy in the world, but hes cute, talented, sucessful, not fat, probably healthy and Sicilian and thats just great lol! (other perfect guys include Milo Ventimiglia & Orlando Bloom)
Most the time I don't mind being single... but alot of the time I hate it. Examples of when it really hurts is when old family and friends come over and they ask me (or my mom) if I have a boyfriend... and when I say no they pull this big shocked face as if to make out that they are generally shocked. As if Im the prettiest, most stylish, and nicest person in the world, and not a crooked nosed spotty 5ft shrimp with uncontrolable curly hair and abit of a teenage attitude.
I walked into the room once and my mom was trying to explain to an old family friend why I didn't have a boyfriend!
What the hell is that about?
Why is it so weird for a 17 year old girl to be single in this world?
They all compare me to my older cousins who have had serious relationships (with my bestfriends) since they were 14.
Well anyway... some good news is that im having my hair done tomorow :) At the moment im quite blonde with a full fringe and just longer than shoulder length. My hair is natrually quite dark and this blonde I cant take anymore! Just after a week of spending at least £70 at the hairdressers my roots have grown back and looks terrible! It makes my hair look really week and when I have it curly it doesnt curl properly! So Im going dark again... quite dark actually... like a dark chocolate, ill like it no matter what because ive been dark most of my life so! Will add a photos tomorow :)
Ive chosen to put a pic of Orlando Bloom on this post cus it will cheer me up! HAHA
also added a new banner!
Sorry about the moaning and I hope everyone has a nice Valentines day :)

Also check out my friend Lunas blog... here :)

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Firstly... very shocked (& happy!) that Matt Willis & Emma Griffiths were working for E! on the red carpet!! (Im a big Matt Willis fan!!) He realllyyy does need to get back to the gym and get back to fit busted days though! Emma looked fabulous!
I was sooo happy, hes deffinately one of my favirates actors, and I genuinly was happy... shame he wasn't there, he won best rising star. Also would have been nice to see Ellen Page win!
Was quite shocked with some of the winners, This Is England. Best british film? I was disapointed with this... people watch this film and think this is the best film England can produce? what? I personaly hated this film thought it was horrible and volgare. Although the little boy actor did a great job but it makes my country seem so horrible! Atonement deserved it I beleive.
I havent seen Michael Clayton so cant judge Tilda Swinton but i was hoping for Saoirse Ronan :) for best supporting actress.
Was also very happy that Diablo Cody won best Orignal Screenwrite for Juno was very happy and abit suprised about that. I watched an Oscar nominations show and it was 3 posh people predicting oscar winners and they were soo nasty about Juno!
I got really sad half way through when they did the memorial bit about the death of the year. How sad? They put Heath Ledger at the end made it quite long. and then they went back to the audience to see a very very sad Orlando Bloom.. breaks my heart :(
I noticed black was a very popular colour, not sure why.
These two outfits were my favourite.

BUT! If anyone else watched live from the red carpet on E! Matt & Emma kept talking to a fashion critic and she was wearing the most amazing dress... like a flowy black an white print and at the chest it had some amazing pinks and stuff! That was my fav dress of the night and I couldnt find any pics!

Marc Jacobs Stam bag & Brokeback mountain - What do you think

I have this horribe disease
its called....
'Poor girl wants Marc Jacob bag'
lol! ooh god!
But theres always replicas right, and where i live people dont even know who Marc Jacobs is never mind work out if im carrying a replica or not!
Ive finally reached the I want a quilted bag stage... and i know its old but i keep being draged to the Marc Jacobs stam bag... in Navy because I love navy right know. Thats the replica its still real leather and $150 im probably going to get it... what you think? maybe another colour?

Brokeback Moutain - Ennis Del Mar
I always said I wouldn't watch Brokeback Mountain, I'm not the kind of person who finds gay relationships comfortable to watch (sorry that's just me) so I didnt watch it no matter how fantastic the reveiws were. But the day after Heath Ledger died a movie channel played a tribute night and Brokeback mountain was starting so me and my friend decided to watch, kind of out of respect as it was his most awarding film.
I want to talk about the effects & emotions this film gives us, I have read alot of blogs saying it changed there lives. Why and how? This film has deffently effected me else I wouldn't be blogging about it.
My emotions were so mixed and confused. I wanted to be upset for Ennis Del Mar and I felt like I should have been but I just wasn't, maybe because I personly find the relationship arkward or because I see the bad in him and think of Alma. Alot of my emotions were for Alma. I didnt have many feelings towards Jack Twist I thought he was abit naive and less complex than Ennis. I think Jack was actually gay and in denial were as Ennis was totally confused, Ive read somewhere that Ennis is actually bi sexual but more on the straight side... and he would have never even thought about being gay unless he had met Jack.
Everything Heath Ledger did in this film was amazing, the tone of his voice, his attitude, his accent, even the way he holds himself. I adored the aging process in this film. I think Jake n Heath used great sutle ways to show aging.
I was also impressed with Anne Hathaway, her last scene when she's talking to Ennis is so arkward and gritty it was great (although I was shocked when the Princess got her boobs out lmao)
I found myself watching this film again with more concentration but I just don't get why this film has effected me so much? So I wanted to ask you? Was it the love story? Would you have felt the same if it was a hetrosexual relationship an there was a reason for them not being able to be togetherOr was it the fact they were men? Did it change your feeling towards male relationships? or was it something totally different

Sorry I really am not homophobic lmao even if this post makes out like I am!

Oh and im sorry about the swearing at the start of my video! one of my fav scenes ever!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

England 2 1 Switzerland

Yesterday I went to the England Match down at Wembley
England VS Switzerland
Tas Capellos first match in charge so i was quite excited to see what he was going to do. Im an England fans card holder so I go to every home match (although it takes us 3 hours to get there) luckily for me my dad is a massive football fan so he takes me and my brother down and he would never miss it!
(anyone else interested in football?)
I was suprisingly happy with the performance espically with Joe Cole I think hes so amazing! So in my blog today I want to breifly talk about the day I met Joe Cole <3 :) (I know some people from other countries wont know who he is but hes a big football star here)
My Dad being football mad an all, he always checks out England fans websites for competitions and stuff. & this wasn't really a competition we had the opitunity to go to a question and answer sesion with one of the England players we didnt know who it would be (Me hoping John Terry or Joe Cole) but we went along anyway. There was only about 20 people there, and yep it was Joe Cole I was in total shock & it was so cool because we got to talk to him ask him questions and get autographs because there wasnt many people there.

Anybody else met any celebrities?... Ive met Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens kind of at a meet and greet... theres a video here. (dont laugh, i was very nervous lmao)

Have you seen Lauren Conrads new spring collection? Im not really a fan of LCs fashion but she always looks nice so I was interested to see.
I was quite disapointed... it all seems quite basic as the moment there are a few nice peices but not really my style. Although I do quite like this outfit, the cardigan/wrap thing is really me lol.
Thanks for everyones comments! Will post a more exciting post soon!
PS. Id also like to note how great I think Rhianna looks in this fantastic green dress at this unicef event. CLICK

Monday, 4 February 2008

Abit about me

(Click all images to enlarge) Today Im gonna talk about my fashion, films and photography. No moaning all ranting no matter how stressfull college was today :)

I sat down and watched Atonement, yeah it was a great film but, although i apriciate oscar nominated films such as this and Brokeback Moutain, the fantastic acting that touches & effects some people I just cannot call them my favourite films. I enjoy films with abit more action and abit more comedy, thats why Im backing Sweeney Todd and Juno this year. Although the costumes in Atonement deffinatly impressed me, but I'm not referring to that beautiful green dress that Keria Knightley wears so well, some of Briony's (Saoirse Ronan was fantastic) and Cecillia's outfits in the earlier part of the film i thought were also great!

Now... i love fashion and I know everyone says that but i think everyone does? Or maybe I don't love fashion, maybe i just want to look my best. My life is probably revolved around clothes. I'm not an extravagant person when it comes to fashion I try to keep it single but lovely. I know this might sound abit odd as there a hundreds of other fantastic fashion idols but id say Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) deffinately inspires me! Ill link to some of my fav outfits worn by her. Heres an outfit i wore to college once, i guess this is me being quite daring wearing a dress and purple tights (Click to see better) I havent taken any pics to actually show my outfits but here are some others that you can see abit.

CLICK: Just an outfit i wore to college... i love my shoes an jeans
CLICK: Wore this to a black & white night on new years eve

Argh now to my photography... not a subject i like to share much :) At college we are more experimenting with photography so I have never actually created anything amazing. Throughout the year we have different projects and Ill just share some of my recent ones with you

This was for my digital imaging class... we had to recreate 4 magazine covers for ID magazine but each had to be a season. I wasnt really happy with my results... i really dont like summer but i got highest grade so :) (Can only find Winter and Autumn will add other 2 when i can find them)

At the moment we are doing Montage photography.... like panaramic photography. I love my room so i desided to do different kind of montages of my room. This one shows all of my room so thought it would be interesting to show you :)

Today I displayed my montages on the wall for the verifyer tomorrow! Heres a pic of my display (click)

I hope i havent bored you to much :)

Let me know what you think

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Let me be a kid!

Argh I've had a hell of the past few days, todays been ok but yesterday and day before were just a nightmare!

At the moment i'm studying Photography at college, and I only have class Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays... so on a Thursday & Friday I just chill at home watching films and on the net (or playing on sims, is what i like to do lately lol) but my Mom really can't stand the fact I sit at home all day doing nothing, which is fair enough... but not really lol. Shes been pestering me about a job since I've left school... i had one about a year ago and it was terrible! Telesales, cold calling... calling random numbers trying to sell them things, and everyone hates cold callers! It was 6 days a week 4 hours a day and i totally hated it so i quite after 3weeks and aint had a job since. Yeah Id want a job but its to much hassle... know one replies when i apply for jobs and when i go into a shop and ask they auomaticly say no because they think i'm a 12 year old! (I'm quite short you see)
I'm leaving home in 6 months and starting University... and what my ive tried to tell my mom is that im leaving home in 6 months and ill have to get a job and ill have to clean and look after my self and ill hjave to study reallyyy hard so please just let me chill and be a kid while i still got it!
buttt noooooo haha (so now shes refused to give me any money untill i get a job)

Anyway! My parcel came today! As you read my blogs you'll realise I'm and online shopper! I love clothes from America... Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Urban outfitters the rest of it... if your from America your probably thinking... why on earth? because I understand everyone wears them... but for me its good!! No one wears those clothes here and i like to be abit unique.

When it comes to fashion you'll also notice I'm a cardigan girl (if theres such thing) I have like a million cool cardigans. Well thats my cardigan i ordered its abercrombie i love it :)

I got a problem... I've had a full fringe cut in recently... but i have natrually really curly hair and although i spend ages styling it every morning every single day by the time i get to the bus stop its a total messs!!!
Anyone got any tips and advice for me controlling my mad fringe! Im thinking about having it chemically straightened but i heard its really bad for your hair!

Thanks guys :)

Friday, 1 February 2008

Sweeneys waiting...

Firstly... Yay Its February! I turn 18 this month! I also go to New York!
I saw the trailer like 3 months ago.. I still can't beleive they have made a film about Sweeney Todd!

& Jonny Depp as Sweeney! how perfect... & a musical! I knew i was going to love this. As the months went on and the trailers and reveiws started... i got abit worrid because I imagined maybe it was a gothic sick movie specially when it was rated 18!
When I was younger (I'm talking like primary school) We used to learn about Sweeney Todd & my dad used to tell me the story about him aswell and i used to be well fasinated! So i was so excited to see this film

It was quite weird seeing Jonny Depp dressed as Sweeney Todd, with the voice of Jack Sparrow and his hair deffently reminded me of Edward Scissor hands. But he deffently did a good job creating a new character. I think he smiles once during the whole film. I heard alot of reveiws about him, saying he didn't have the best voice... I beleive his voice fits perfect for the role... and its quite sexy aswell, like husky but also scary and dramatic.
The songs are very catchy songs, not the average musical songs but yet they remind me of Oliver Twist because of the strong London accent. Mrs Lovett, played by Helena Borham Carter is a fantastic charater and her singing is so much fun! She singing really cute and fast and most the time you don't really understand what shes saying but its really catchy. I thought she was great in the movie. Another character called Toby played by a young boy called Ed Sanders deffently impressed me, he was fantastic! Such a great singer if Oliver Twist is ever remade (no doubt it will) I think he should be certainly cast as the Artful dodger!

Id deffently recomend you seeing this film... i must admit it is abit gory and there is alot of blood, but its honestly not that bad. It is not a scary film, we feel more sorry for Sweeney than scared.
I think if you wanted to see this but changed your mind after knowing it was gory i think you should still go. I would deffently give this film 4 or 5 stars i totally enjoyed it, and theres a fantastic twist at the end!

Also I watched the film Juno recently... and i thought that was really good to aswell. :)

EDIT: I just realise 'deffently' isn't a word & i used it throughout this blog, I did infact mean... deffinately (i think!) i thought it looked abit funny! Its my accent sorry!
ALSO: I added one of my favourtie songs from the movie as a video on my side panel so be sure to check it out

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