Monday, 21 April 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg

So this might seem like a bit of a dumb thing to be blogging about but bare with me haha.... (this isn't a film review lol)
So when I was in year 4 of junior school, 1999, around 9 t0 10 years old I became obsessed with a film called Harriet the Spy. Everybody watched it? no? oh well lol 

This was first of many obsessions of mine lol, im known for being obsessed with films, actors, musicians. So a lot of my friends and family look back at my Harriet the Spy obsession and laugh because it was quite extreme for a 10 year old to be so taken in by a character.
I named my pet hamster harriet lol, i used to spy out of my letterbox! (seriously!) and once at school we had world book day...  we dress up as a book character for charity, so i bought Harriet the spy the book and dressed in a cool yellow coat and a belt full of gadgets lol, I looked like a complete idiot because no one new who I was supposed to be, but i didnt care at all... i always remember that day because I was finally able to be like Harriet the Spy without anyone caring because it was world book day lol!!

Me and my dad was shopping in Morrisons (supermarket)... and next to the till line there is always a basket full of old DVDs for like £2, i always look through there because sometimes I buy one, i found Donnie Darko in there last month =] and suddenly i found Harriet the Spy! I couldn't believe they had actually made it into a DVD! I showed my dad and he was like 'Oh my gooddd!' and bought it me for a keep sake and a memory of me as a kid (my dads like that lol) 

I only go to college twice a week... sometimes three times because a lot of my work is done at home so i have a lot of free time to watch different films whilst doing my work... so I put Harriet the Spy on when I was bored... and surprisingly enough I still enjoyed it! I thought I was gonna laugh the whole way through at how perfetic it was, but it wasn't. I decided to blog about it because I actually seriously think this film made me who I am today... or maybe thats not true maybe I loved it so much because when I was 10 years old deep down I always had this love for the media; for photography, films, and magazines. 

Harriet's notebook was 100% personal and she wrote what ever she wanted in there... when I first decided to start this blog thats exactly what I had in mind... I know its not 100% personal because all you guys are reading but I have honestly never told anyone I know about my blog (maybe just my lil cousin lol) because I wanted it to be totally me... without having to worry about who's reading.

'I want to see the whole world, and I want to write down everything'
'I want to remember everything. And I want to know everything.'

I 100% relate to these two quotes from Harriet in the movie... I do want to see the whole world... i do want to write down everything... i do want to remember everything... and i do want to know everything. Even though at the time I first watched this movie, I hadn't realised this yet.

So anyway... the interesting part lol! Michelle Trachrenberg is the actress who played Harriet in the movie, and coincidently she's becoming quite successful recently... especially with her new role in Gossip Girl and her new movie with Zac Efron!
I quite like her style as it is... but i'm 100% sure shes going to get noticed more for fashion now shes part of Gossip Girl.. i truly think shes amazingly beautiful so here are some pics =]
Your all going to think i'm mad lol! Even Stevens & Harriet the Spy! haha
PS - MILO VENTIMIGLIA IS IN ENGLAND! omg! I couldnt believe it when he showed up at the BAFTAS! I love him so much! I would have gone to london to find him if i had known! (seriously i met Zac Efron twice haha)


Secretista said...

I loved Even Stevens--I was upset when it was nixed from the air.

Harriet The Spy is one of my favorite movies too!! I have the original DVD with the Rugrats movie preview on it and everything... I think I'm going to take the movie with me to school.


hahah i love the video on your blog- the music is so cute! and im so excited to see michelle on gossip girls.. i wonder how shell do on it or what part shell take on it

Anonymous said...

I like the feature, and Harriet the Spy was a favorite!

The Seeker said...

Thank you for your words in my blog :)

I think writing is a good way of making us feel better, so we must keep it on real.

Never saw Harriet the Spy and also Gossip Girl doesn't show here :(
So I'm out of that.


Cate said...

oh, i didn't watch harriet the spy... hey i was in year 4 of junior school too in 1999! until summer i was in year 3, and after summer i was in year 4! but i still have 2 years of school to do... maybe you finish school earlier in england?

michelle trachtenberg looks like mary-kate olsen in the first pic! i didn't know she was so young.

and REALLY? you met zac efron TWICE? not kidding? haha there's a guy in my class who looks like him so i meet him everyday lol

Wendy said...

I kind of remember watching but its all a blur to me. She does have a nice style and once abroad the GG train, she's gonna be pretty noticed.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree: the actress is really beautiful! I love her hair.

thesil said...

I like her style. Last week she appeared with the special shoes of Marc Jacobs (with the inverted heel)and I liked very much. From now we are reading lots of news from her

kirsty said...

oh she is so beautiful now! can't wait to see her on gossip girl.
yeah i normally wear ballet pumps, but i've runied all mine so at the moment i'm wearing my 'converse' (actually £4 primark pumps, i bought 2 pairs coz they were so cheap!). aw thank you, i like that i've inspired you! skirts like that are sooo gorgeous, i really want a tea dress, but i haven't been able to find a cheap one that i like enough.
of course i'll swap links, i've linked you to my page now :) x

iñaki said...

That is such a cute story right there! :)
I think Michelle has turned into quite the stylish hottie, to be honest. It's pretty much the type of girl i'm into! :P


Kira Fashion said...

hello dear,

she is really cute!
thanks a lot for passing at my blog, i love all about yours!

a kiss and a hug,
keep in touch,


Elle said...

Ah completely agree, michelle tratchenberg is gorgeous! and i love harriet the spy. i remember reading the book and watching the movie and loving both..

and yeah, none of my friends or family know about my blog, because i like to write for people i dont know in person for some reason? lol idk

love this post <3 lol

kirsty said...

that tea dress you linked me to is gorgeous! perfect for a wedding, because it is summery and not too over the top or showy. good choice! i've had to limit my internet shopping time because it just depresses me as i can't afford to buy anything new!

aschlee said...

Hah I totally forgot about that movie... sheesh the memories :P
I had no idea Michelle Trachtenberg was in 'Gossip Girl' (I missed the 1st episode of season 2...dang it)

Debbie Shiamay said...

Her outfits are cute!!! I love the plaid shirt.

By the way, i tagged you. Pls check my blog for details. Thanks!

Cate said...

you didn't get my e-mail? normally i get a notice if it hasn't arrived, but i didn't get one this time, so maybe check the spam folder?
if there's nothing there i'll just send it again!

lara said...

yeah you are right, she is amazingly beautiful!! I really like her style!

Wendy-May said...

Harriet the spy was one of my favourite films as a child!but no one i know seems to remember it!And Milo Ventimglia! He was on radio1! cannot wait for heroes to begn again!x

Vain and Vapid said...

She's really cute, one of those girls in Hollywood whose still hasn't tanned herself into oblivion.

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

she´s really fashion! lovely outfits... but i dindt see her acting...

kisses adele

Secret Agent said...

I remember that movie. I watched that movie when I was younger too. It was a pretty good kid movie. I also used to watch Michelle on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It was funny because she was still so young and awkward. She's now...gorgeous. Her pale, creamy skin. Her height (she looks tall to me) and her style makes her one of my ideal ladies (as of now).

Jill said...

I never watched the movie, but I loved the book as a kid. I think Michelle T. is really pretty, love her shoes in the first picture.

lola729 said...

i love all of her outfits!
especially the one with the gray ankle boots

hannah said...

she is gorgeous.

The Clothes Horse said...

How cute that you found that old movie. Michelle sure has come a long way.

She's Dressing Up said...

I loved Harriot The Spy! I might have to look for it and watch it again!

sparrowhawk said...

Wow Harriet the Spy glad to know I' not alone about this thingy lol

shes so freakin kewl ;]

and pretty alright :]

Lotem said...

I remember she was in a Disney Channel movie called Ice Princess. I hated it. But she was cute.
still, that picture of her skating around on the ice would always stay in my mind :)

I've added you to my blog roll :)

JuliAM said...

i have a huge problem accepting michelle tractenberg as a mean girl for her gg role...we'll see.

Carolina Lange said...

She is really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Aha, no worries! We've all had our childhood obsessions. :)

Mine suprisingly enough was Tinkerbelle, hehe. :)


LINDA said...

At first, I was iffy about Michelle on GG, but then I saw the previews, and she seems like she fits for the part. I'm very excited about tomorrow night's episode!

Kira Fashion said...


you are in my links of the day!

a kiss and a hug dear,


Rita said...

I absolutely loved Harriet the Spy when I was a kid, too. And I just realized I had not heard of Michelle Trachtenberg in a very, very long time. I like your blog very much :)

Molly :] said...

Perhaps i should get this! Sounds like a good film! They have bargin bins in my morrisons too so i'll have a look!
She does have great style...

NO WAY!?!? You MET ZAC EFRON?!?! I am LITERALLY obsessed with him. I have a life sized poster in my room. thats how sad i am :) xx

The Seeker said...

Hi, everything ok?
Hope so.

you've been tagged, but ignore it if it's annoying :)


Bocadelobo said...

hey i love the way ur blog looks]!

Nights_that_never_end said...

I remember this movie. I use to love it! I would be made fun of because it wasent a well liked movie. But I can also relate to those quotes. I use to write everything down, what I did jokes me & my friends had...

Ashley said...

i memorized this movie front to back. i was obsessed as well. still am. glad to know there's another harriet at heart out there!


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Kenneth said...

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