Monday, 24 March 2008


Whey everyone...
thanks for your comments i listened all your advice and I will wear my skirt but right now in England its snowing haha! so when it gets abit warmer. Also alot of people said that where they live when people go clubbing they dress disgustingly.... mini mini mini skirts and belly tops... its the same here! but like you all said... i tried to keep it classy n trendy and not trashy :)

Anyway, i bought a plain black skirt in New York... it was something I was actually looking for because I thought it would look good with quite alot and abit different from my denim one.
Heres 2 outfits with my black skirt... the one with the new york Tee is inspired by this post from The Clothes Horse... because I loove the logo but the shirt is soo cheap and taky so when I saw that post I thought id have ago with what I have :)

I don't like the second outfit.
You might have noticed that you can't see any footwear in these photos. Well its because I had nothing that looked good! Sometimes I wish we didn't have to wear shoes!
And then I thought about all the shoeless models recently... has anyone else noticed?
If anyone watched the Brit awards Leona Lewis perfumed barefoot in an amazing dress I also saw this advertisement in a magazine:

not sure if you can see but the second model has no shoes and I think it looks real good haha!
but she has nice feet haha this is such random post haha
iam sure 'barefootness' will never become a regualar thing but it was something that I thought was funny when I was moaning about not having any shoes lol :)

Anyway! To the point of the post:
Im off to Paris tomorrow morning with my dad and my mate for the England VS France match! Woo but were gonna spend a day in Paris so should be fun, PLUS David Beckham will be playing and I always get star struck when I see him!

OH! & me and my cousin went to see Hannah Montana 3D! lmao
I know I know... im 18 years old! but just something I cant grow out of!! HAHA

Ill be back Friday :D


The Clothes Horse said...

I like the second look. There are so many Swedish bloggers who wear the I <3 NY shirt in inspiring ways.
The barefeet on the models went unnoticed by me, but how intriguing!

WendyB said...

That model is barefoot because Paul McCartney is barefoot on the Abbey Road album cover that inspired this photo. :-)

ovanligt said...

but shoes are still great. at least here in sweden where it is snow. it is cold without them.

btw you look great!

Katelin said...

I like the skirt, very cute. And barefootness is awesome, I heart it.

anna. said...

first of all, how strange that you put up that abbey road knock-off, and i just did something bout the beatles.
second. i like the outfit with i love NY better.
third- the purse you want, they have a knock off on, but i dont know f its nice in person, ot if they ship out of the US.
thats all.

Mary-Laure said...

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ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

adele, you look browner now :)
how wonderful!!

kisses kitten
p.s - good luck in your trip, if you understand me ;)

Jillian said...

i love the outfit haha very casual
and that ad! i saw that i think in nylon it's so neat... abby road haha

Kayleigh said...

Oh my god, Paris! you lucky, lucky girl! Paris is my dreams city and has been since I first saw Amelie. It's one of the only reasons i'm still learning French at school! Hope you have fun there - the I Heart NY t-shirt is so kitsch, you look great!


i love your outfit below and your so lucky your going to paris and to see david beckham!

Jill said...

Haha Agreed with ovanligt it's too cold right now to be barefoot, but summer is a good time, if you're at the beach.

Secretista said...

You are some jet setter aren't you?!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Thanks for stopping by

I like the first outfit better reminds me of something ashley olsen would wear!

Jello on Springs said...

ahh yes, sometimes when i don't have the right shoe to go with an outfit i wish i could go barefoot too.

Cate said...

i love barefootness too! so hippie! and your black skirt is simply amazing. have a great trip!

lee jones said...

the first outfit is so simple and elegant.

Wendy said...

You make the I <3 NY tshirt look classic!

That advertisement is an amazing remake of the Beatles cover!

Molly :] said...

OMG! You lucky girl off to see DB :)
I like the outfits- very stylish.
But not too sure barefooted-ness will catch on in the uber-high-heeled fashion world :)
But we can try.

i WISH it would stop snowing and hurry up and be warm. Im dying to wear my summer clothes.

Did you see effies episode? I thought it was good that it wasnt entirely based on her. Although i did like her in series 1. Im super glad Sid & Cassie are back together- and now Tony & Mich have to get back together- its OBVIOUS its going to happen. Oh, and i loved Pandora too- so funny!

haha. Love the blog, as always. x

Reggie said...

Vety cute skirt!
i have one of those NY shirts also, except mine is pink!!!! woo!

i definetly wish i could go shoe-less, it would make my outfits much much easier to pick!


Elle said...

Aw, i love that ad! ha. and i like your skirt, i actually prefer the second outfit :)
well have a good time in paris!

Elle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carolina Lange said...

I love your skirt! These are great oufits!

Fashion Ivy said...

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Unrealized Fish said...

Really like your blog and style :-)

molly said...

oooh cool outfits!
have a great time in paris
about samantha jones, im not sure if she's professional or not, i think she mostly does it for fun but hopes to be professional someday

Bocadelobo said...

how u doing?
i love ur blog
have a great day!

check out my old posts
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i think u'd love it

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Vain and Vapid said...

Hope you take your Paris trip as an opportunity to wear all your new fun fashion items... have a great time.... Paris is my faaaaavorite...

Jen said...

The second outfit works, I love it. BTW you are totally right about shoes. Surely it's natural not to wear them!?!

The Seeker said...

I like your black skirt, and I think the seconf outfit ended well.
About shoes... oh, I love not to wear shoes, but I also I'm a huge fan of shoes, they can make a statment.
Have a nice trip, enjoy Paris, you lucky girl :)


Secret Agent said...

Hannah Montana? Seriously?
Both outifts look good. You're looking cute as always.
Without shoes, your feet would be messed up. I <3 NY too.

aficionada said...

great tee and love your flats ♥

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I finally found a skirt similar to yours when i was in Toronto last week, it's so useful I wore it today! Blog again soon with new outfits!

1234 said...

i actually like the second look more!

Nicole Then said...


Anonymous said...

That ad featuring models copying the Beatles' "Abbey Road" is from Nylon- I ripped it out of the magazine-but it's all torn now! Does anyone know the name of the photographer that took this picture or for what product that ad was for? I'd like to get a good print of it and frame it.

Anonymous said...

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