Monday, 25 February 2008

Iam turning 18 in 2 days!

Ive blogged alot about fashion recently, and to be honest its not my best point... but I try.
I havent watched any new films, i love my movie channels right now & theres nothing really at the Cinema thats really making me want to organise a cinema trip lol.
The Pursuit of happyness
I watched this for the first time last week, & I thought it was amazing... when it was showing at the cinema it didn't really grab me to watch it but I really thought it was fantastic. I cried at the ending and the scene in the toilet with his son, so amazing. Will Smith was really great, I really love him recently.

So... sorry to go on about it, but I turn 18 in 2 days and I go to New York in 3 days and I have my birthday meal in 1 day! So Im very excited right now!
Ive been planning my trip to New York because its probably going to be the last time I go over to the states for years because Im starting Uni this year. So I want to take advantage of all the great shops :) (& fantastic exchange rate!)
So I dont think Im going to post untill after I get back so then Ill have loads of interesting things to say!

One thing Im planning on buying from New York are some Converse...
I have never in my life wanted converse, but recently I think they look so fashionable and trendy... not the boot like ones the ankle ones.
I either just want some white or navy ones or i quite like these:

So i wanted to ask.
What do you think the best way to wear converse without making them look emo/rock but more trendy and fashionable.
Im thinking ill wear them alot with shorts and skirts in the summer... I have a house in Sicily were Im spending my summer and it wont be a proper holiday (like pool every day, resteraunt every night) I think a pair of converse will be practical.
On this cool fashion forum (click here i reccomend you join up, all the members all have great style.) I found some cool outfits that include sneakers lol so thought id post :)

Image Credit - The first image is from the forum post by a user called prettygirl7
& the second i found on google (if thats you let me know haha)
Oh & Ive just watched the Oscars red carpet with Ryan... I love Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum & Mileys Cyruss's dresses! The red totally looked amazing! But why does Miley look soo different recently... her teeth look really weird... Iam not bashing ive been a Miley fan for like 2 years!x
But I do beleive Marion Cotillard deffinately had the best dress :)


alexgirl said...

Happy almost birthday! Woo hoo. I hope you have an awesome time in NYC. This is the greatest city! Oh, and btw: I heard the exhibit at the Guggenheim is really incredible right now, if you are in the mood for some art!

Olivia said...

Happy almost birthday!! You're going to have a fabulous time in New York. I wish I could come with. ;) I love the Pursuit of Happyness, it made me so sad when he lost Captain America. I'm such a sucker for sad movies. :P I have no idea about the shoes, really. I'd say with a pair of skinny jeans and maybe a cute top in black, then a white scarf..? I'm not sure. I do have a pair of those except in black and white, and whenever I wear them, I look emo/goth.

anna. said...

firstly, those shoes are aodrable,
i agree about the hair and makeup, she looked hideous.
i just feel like she needed to be a little older and more umm *developed* [then again who am i to be talking? im flat a s aboard, lol]
the dress just would have been better on like katehrine heigl,

The Seeker said...

Are you going to post at least one more time?
I wanted to give you a H Bday on the day.
I saw some pictures of Anne Hathaway and I thought she was lovely.
But don't know why people almost wore black, red and white... where are the other colours?
About the converses... I'm not with ideas, but skinny jeans and an orange or yellow top, and a strip little scarf around the neck, or a button down white blouse, instead of the top.
Just some ideas you can work.

anna. said...

i love the dress
i was fighting with my friend about it.

aschlee said...

converse are a great pair of shoes to have, I have a pair in black. I would recommend pairing the shoes like what you see in the first photo, it's a cute casual look, but still fashionable.

P.S. Happy early birthday 'n have fun in New York :)

Anonymous said...

I have those distressed ones in navy!

And as for clothes-wise, I pair them with everything...they are so basic and ez to throw on!

Jill said...

Agreeing on the Cotillard bit and converse shoes are really versatile. They can be worn with lots dresses/skirts/shorts & most likely any way you wear them won't be considered "emo".

Wendy said...

Those converses are actually really cute. Now I think I need a pair.

WendyB said...

Happy almost birthday. I'm old enough to be your mama. Ay!!!

sid said...

You're going to NY and you have a house in Sicily? Geez some ppl have all the luck. Hope you have a fantastic birthday.

Cate said...

oh have fun on your birthday and in NYC!!! you're so lucky!!! well, i REALLY want some white converse right now, but i can't stand the emo style, so i suggest you DON'T wear them with anything that has stars, polka dots or stripes on it and is balck and white, because then you'll look like an emo. I love them for example with shorts or summer skirts and a simple tank top and loads of necklaces or bracelets, or maybe with some grey skinnies and a coloured print shirt...

-S said...

Hapy Birthday!
for inspiration on converse definetly check out old Kirsten Dunst pictures. she's always wearing them, and i love her take on fashion!

Libbi said...

Hya, I really dont know any other ways to waer converses apart from with shorts or a mini skirt, but I defo whouldnt put them on with skinnys - they will look tres emo if ur not carefull,

Elle said...

i love converse! i just ordered them in navy and can't wait till they get in :)
i don't necessarily think you will look goth/emo if you wear them with skinnies and also a cute girly top. but i am planning to wear mine with summer dresses, etc

Secretista said...

Aww, 18!!

Converse will always look trendy/fashionable as long you're not wearing an outfit that is girlie.

Luna said...

Happy birthday!!! Have a good time in NY. :)

Banana Raccoon said...

Happy birthday darling!

Emilia said...

I'm visiting through another blog and all I can say is: "looking good"! :)
And Happy Birthday!

iñaki said...

I am a converse lover since forever, must have over twenty pairs! I'd say the white ones are quite the right choice, they can look most casual with a chillax look or extremely urban-chic with a well-though outfit. They would be my first choice if I were to buy my first converse.

When in NYC, do go to Tom Ford's boutique and say soVIPzone out loud. That would be such a simple pleasure for me!


Kayleigh said...

Happy Birthday Adele!
Hope you have a fantastic day and get tons of cool presents!
The Pursuit of Happyness is so sweet and Will Smith deserved awards for his performance. The bathroom scene was so well acted and brought a tear to my eye.

alexgirl said...

Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day.

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

so, TODAY is your bday!!!
my congratulations from BRAZIL... hope u´re partying today ;)


ChiliLady said...

happy birthday and thanks for all yur kind comments! :-)

Reggie said...

Hope you have a great time in New York!
Happy birthday! enjoy it!


Nadia (: said...


okay, so, those dresses look absolutely gorgeous on you. love them

those shoes that you got free, really cute. on the picture they look silver-ish so they could work with the dresses but if i see wrong then..nvm (: lmao

converses are so in style here right now. it's not even funny

converses and vans..i want bad lol

so and you always agree on these fashion opinions lol

very glad you have internet at uni or i'd be lost without Adele lol that i wrote you a whole novel..lmao love you hun (:

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

18 is a huge step you are an adult!!

Grace said...

I am a HUGE converse fan and I love those shoes, my favorite pair I own are a pair of low top madras ones that are so cute!!! I wear mine with pretty much anything, so if you don't wear them with big black pants and a chain, you're good!!

The Seeker said...

Hope you had a very nice day.
18 is defnitly a great date.
Now you're becoming an adult.

Have a nice trip|

Enjoy and have fun at NY.


molly said...

oooh very exciting, new york AND your birthday!
i love will smith too, though more for fresh prince than his dramatic work

Matt said...

have a great birthday! enjoy your trip. matt in seattle

Aisha said...

happy belated b-day!
18 years is HUUGE

I bet you'll have a great time in new york and go for the ankle converse pumps!

I actually didn't catch "The Pursuit of happyness" at the cinemas but after reading your review, i'll make sure i watch it soon.

Btw, Sure i'd love to trad elinks. I've already added you.

Debbie Shiamay said...

Happy Bday! I would like to wear the shoes with minis. shorts or skirts would be perfect like what u said. Longs would be good but theres no fun when ur partially covering up those shoes!

Molly ;) said...


I am terribly sorry this isnt going to be about your post but as soon as i saw your Skins video i HAD to post!

I am literally obsessed. I cant wait to see tonights episode!

Hahaaaa. :)

Would you like to exchange links? x

Carolina Lange said...

Happy Birthday!
I love converse with mini dress! It looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!
i love your styling here! really great

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