Thursday, 7 February 2008

England 2 1 Switzerland

Yesterday I went to the England Match down at Wembley
England VS Switzerland
Tas Capellos first match in charge so i was quite excited to see what he was going to do. Im an England fans card holder so I go to every home match (although it takes us 3 hours to get there) luckily for me my dad is a massive football fan so he takes me and my brother down and he would never miss it!
(anyone else interested in football?)
I was suprisingly happy with the performance espically with Joe Cole I think hes so amazing! So in my blog today I want to breifly talk about the day I met Joe Cole <3 :) (I know some people from other countries wont know who he is but hes a big football star here)
My Dad being football mad an all, he always checks out England fans websites for competitions and stuff. & this wasn't really a competition we had the opitunity to go to a question and answer sesion with one of the England players we didnt know who it would be (Me hoping John Terry or Joe Cole) but we went along anyway. There was only about 20 people there, and yep it was Joe Cole I was in total shock & it was so cool because we got to talk to him ask him questions and get autographs because there wasnt many people there.

Anybody else met any celebrities?... Ive met Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens kind of at a meet and greet... theres a video here. (dont laugh, i was very nervous lmao)

Have you seen Lauren Conrads new spring collection? Im not really a fan of LCs fashion but she always looks nice so I was interested to see.
I was quite disapointed... it all seems quite basic as the moment there are a few nice peices but not really my style. Although I do quite like this outfit, the cardigan/wrap thing is really me lol.
Thanks for everyones comments! Will post a more exciting post soon!
PS. Id also like to note how great I think Rhianna looks in this fantastic green dress at this unicef event. CLICK


Jamie Lovely said...

I think she has a lot of cute basic pieces, but they are overpriced.

Katelin said...

Definitely agree with jamie, Lauren's stuff is cute, but way too expensive.

sid said...

I met Marion Jones and Michael Johnson. I'm not as big a football fan as you but I simply can't wait for the World Cup. I'm buying a ticket to every match that will be taking place in Cape Town.

shredz said...

I agree with Jaime & Katelin. Oh, and I think Rhianna always looks great! I'm loving her new (well, not anymore) short do with the sharp layers :) Woot Football! I'm a Portugal fan - it makes for some good eyecandy ;)

WatchingStar said...

Hi Adele, I'm Justine. I like your blog. I did a few photography units during my degree and loved it. Am looking forward to seeing your photos.

I met two Australian singers briefly once at the airport, Guy Sebastain and Shannon Nolls. They were nice guys.

Banana Raccoon said...

Joe Cole is adorable! He's not the most intelligent of footballers, but for Chelsea, he's a fairly good bet. And he's just so... huggable!

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