Friday, 1 February 2008

Sweeneys waiting...

Firstly... Yay Its February! I turn 18 this month! I also go to New York!
I saw the trailer like 3 months ago.. I still can't beleive they have made a film about Sweeney Todd!

& Jonny Depp as Sweeney! how perfect... & a musical! I knew i was going to love this. As the months went on and the trailers and reveiws started... i got abit worrid because I imagined maybe it was a gothic sick movie specially when it was rated 18!
When I was younger (I'm talking like primary school) We used to learn about Sweeney Todd & my dad used to tell me the story about him aswell and i used to be well fasinated! So i was so excited to see this film

It was quite weird seeing Jonny Depp dressed as Sweeney Todd, with the voice of Jack Sparrow and his hair deffently reminded me of Edward Scissor hands. But he deffently did a good job creating a new character. I think he smiles once during the whole film. I heard alot of reveiws about him, saying he didn't have the best voice... I beleive his voice fits perfect for the role... and its quite sexy aswell, like husky but also scary and dramatic.
The songs are very catchy songs, not the average musical songs but yet they remind me of Oliver Twist because of the strong London accent. Mrs Lovett, played by Helena Borham Carter is a fantastic charater and her singing is so much fun! She singing really cute and fast and most the time you don't really understand what shes saying but its really catchy. I thought she was great in the movie. Another character called Toby played by a young boy called Ed Sanders deffently impressed me, he was fantastic! Such a great singer if Oliver Twist is ever remade (no doubt it will) I think he should be certainly cast as the Artful dodger!

Id deffently recomend you seeing this film... i must admit it is abit gory and there is alot of blood, but its honestly not that bad. It is not a scary film, we feel more sorry for Sweeney than scared.
I think if you wanted to see this but changed your mind after knowing it was gory i think you should still go. I would deffently give this film 4 or 5 stars i totally enjoyed it, and theres a fantastic twist at the end!

Also I watched the film Juno recently... and i thought that was really good to aswell. :)

EDIT: I just realise 'deffently' isn't a word & i used it throughout this blog, I did infact mean... deffinately (i think!) i thought it looked abit funny! Its my accent sorry!
ALSO: I added one of my favourtie songs from the movie as a video on my side panel so be sure to check it out


Nights_that_never_end said...

Sweeney Todd? Who is that. I haven't seen the movie yet, what is it about? I can't wait to see Juno! I just havent had time.

Adele said...

Juno is wicked! you must go see it! :)

Karine said...

He's just an amazing actor,isn't

Thanks for the comment!
Lovely blog!

Clair said...

I love Juno!! I watched it last weekend, it was superb. ^^

Love your blog!!

PrincessPolly said...

Sweeney Todd doesn't appeal to me at all, although I do like Johnny Depp. Would like to see juno though. Ps. didnt even notice you'd mis-spelt it til you pointed it out, but it's "definitely". An absolute bugger! :)

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