Sunday, 10 February 2008


Firstly... very shocked (& happy!) that Matt Willis & Emma Griffiths were working for E! on the red carpet!! (Im a big Matt Willis fan!!) He realllyyy does need to get back to the gym and get back to fit busted days though! Emma looked fabulous!
I was sooo happy, hes deffinately one of my favirates actors, and I genuinly was happy... shame he wasn't there, he won best rising star. Also would have been nice to see Ellen Page win!
Was quite shocked with some of the winners, This Is England. Best british film? I was disapointed with this... people watch this film and think this is the best film England can produce? what? I personaly hated this film thought it was horrible and volgare. Although the little boy actor did a great job but it makes my country seem so horrible! Atonement deserved it I beleive.
I havent seen Michael Clayton so cant judge Tilda Swinton but i was hoping for Saoirse Ronan :) for best supporting actress.
Was also very happy that Diablo Cody won best Orignal Screenwrite for Juno was very happy and abit suprised about that. I watched an Oscar nominations show and it was 3 posh people predicting oscar winners and they were soo nasty about Juno!
I got really sad half way through when they did the memorial bit about the death of the year. How sad? They put Heath Ledger at the end made it quite long. and then they went back to the audience to see a very very sad Orlando Bloom.. breaks my heart :(
I noticed black was a very popular colour, not sure why.
These two outfits were my favourite.

BUT! If anyone else watched live from the red carpet on E! Matt & Emma kept talking to a fashion critic and she was wearing the most amazing dress... like a flowy black an white print and at the chest it had some amazing pinks and stuff! That was my fav dress of the night and I couldnt find any pics!


Kayleigh said...

I loved the E! news stuff too, I'm a secret fan! Emma and Matt are so cute together (I actually find him hotter now than when he was in Busted) my favourite dress of the night was Marion Cotillard's but I can't find a decent pic. Team Saoirse forever! But Tilda's speech was great - better than her dress!

Luna said...

Ellen Page is amazing. I saw Juno a while ago, and recognized her..since I've seen her in Hard Candy as well. :) And I agree with you on the This is England bit. I think it's good, but not THAT good. But then again, I havent seen that many English films..

Black is back! And I used to wear a lot of black before, and I am starting to wear it again, but mostly cardigans (: hehe.

Great post btw.

Karine said...

Shia LaBeouf is sooOOoOOo CUTE!!!!!


Ellen Page won?This is great!She's so young!I'm glad for her!



Heather said...

I love that second dress, and hooray for Ellen Page!

Secretista said...

Lovee Thandie Newton's dress!!

Wendy said...

Juno was a memorable movie, it really stuck. I love Ellen Page!

Maxie said...

It's funny that lost of people wore black there when at the emmys everyone kind of stayed away from black. very different scene i guess.

Aisha said...

They're beautiful together!
I loved what Keira Knigghtley wore to the BAFTAs. I also love the two dresses you picked :)

sid said...

I love the one dress with the lace finish ... God I wish I was rich and could attend seriously fantastic events.

Alice said...

Hey Adele!!!
Finally I succeeded in making my blog thanks to you!!!
Your blog is really cool!!!
Hope to better
As regard why black is so popular, I think there are two main reasons:
first it very elegant, especially for an event such as the BAFTAs, I think you'll never make a mistake wearing something black; secondly it makes you look skinner than you actually are( I tried it on myself lol).
I also wanted to point you out Hayden Panettiere's dress at the Berlinale Film Festival. it was black too lol :)

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