Monday, 18 February 2008

Mitch Hewer

Mitch Hewer
He plays a gay teenager in the hit UK teenage drama Skins.
Lets not talk about the acting side of things because to be honest... he's not the best of actors!
I think the Skins people have done a great thing making him a main character because
he's so hot this series, he's defiantly been trying hard at the gym... a bit to much on the
sun bed but I think that's for his character.

I wanted to talk about his character Maxie Oliver's fashion, its kinda bad that the Skins people have stereotyped the gay to have a good sense of fashion lol

I love the brown and pink stripe top with the shirt, the middle one he wore to a rave/party and he was all in white and looked a bit over stylish but acceptable. There's only been one episode of the second series... episode 2 is on tonight so looking forward to seeing Maxie's outfits lol.

After all that I thought i'd blog about some guy fashion... what I like in a guy. To be honest I don't think I could date a guy who was totally fashion forward just someone who knows what looks nice and cares about what they look like. I think for me he has to wear good denim. If I don't like a guys jeans... haha. I don't like skinnys much but straights good and occasionally some guys really make baggy look good, but they have to be well made and maybe a bit of detail. I think with guys jeans its really easy to make them look cheap.

I love those 3 pairs... I know there all quite similar, I don't like dark jeans much. Only if there skinny. I love the 3rd photo whole outfit... nice and simple. These jeans are by Diesel & Lee.

I'm totally loving these metallic bomber jackets Vanessa Hudgens has been wearing.
I really like the gold... hoping to get one while I'm in New York... anyone know
any good shops that sell them apart from Urban Outfitters & American Apparel
where I could buy something like these?

Thanks for everyone's lovely comments on my hair... I've got used to it now and
I like it :)


Nadia (: said...

Yummy male models. (:
I agree with most your opinions except the skinny jeans cause some guys really pull em off well lol
Like, I think the best example is the Jonas Brothers. lol
I know you're not their biggest fan but they dress awesome haha
Zac wears skinny jeans lots too so..I think it depends on the guy lol.
Love that gold jacket! Very cute! You can try Forever 21 but I don't know if they'll have something like that.

Woo! First comment (: haha

Elle said...

aw, that boy's a cutie! and i agree about the denim thing. one of my biggest petpeeves is when guys wear sweats- EW. aha

haha yeah i hadnt seen step up so i had pretty much no expectations

Shaz said...

i love the pink striped tee he's wearing!

i definetely like a guy who cares about what he wears. He must dress nice, wear good jeans BUT must NOT be obsessed with his looks or spend as much time as me getting ready..unless he's gay ofcourse lol

Sydney Speel said...

he is really hot!

i love vanessa's dark pants and bag... i have a vintage bomber jacket... my favorite. :)

Cate said...

i think a guy should not worry as much about fashion as his girlfriend, but should dress nicely. just sort of casual and not overdressed.
i like the t-shirt mitch hewer's character is wearing in the last picture you posted about him, but i don't like the pink-brown combination that much.

Fashion Tidbits said...

you have such an awesome blog!

sid said...

Vanessa is so skinny. She would look hot in a potato sack. So not fair.

Maxie said...

ah i can't believe there's a character named maxie! freakin sweet.

ChiliLady said...

I completly agree with cate.
by the way, your blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...

thrift shops typically stock an amazing mashup of leather jackets, so you could definitely look there..., but sizing, etc. is questionable

ahh and I used to watch Skins when it was (illegally) available on Youtube, I watched the first four eps? and I must say, I was kind of in love with the trippy anorexic drug abusing girl! (forget her name), but she had adorable clothes...
the boy you show is KIND OF incredibly hot, not gay in real life is he?

Anonymous said...

Hi! And thanks for your really nice comment!!!
I'm Alexandra from Germany. I'm 18, too and I'm studying Industrial Design!
I'm a young blogger, too and I love it! It's a good possibility to express myself and to tell it the whole world!
I like your blog! It's great!

By the way: nice guys ;-)


fancypants said...

OMG...I love bomber jackets...I have one from Urban Outfitters and I don't wear it've inspired me to wear it this week. Thanks!!! xo

Banana Raccoon said...

I ♥ Mitch Hewer! I used to have a thing for Sid in Skins, but now it's all about Maxxie! I can't wait for Thursday, apparently there's a girl who stalks him!

aficionada said...

f21 has metallic jackets :)

The Seeker said...

Nice guy :)

Well, I also like a guy that cares about what's wearing but who's not fanatic about fashion.
But it's nice to walk hand in hand with a looking good man ;)


Secretista said...


Seriously, I'm drooling. HE IS HOTT!!

alexgirl said...

That guy is a hotttttie. Wow. I wish we got Skins over here!

Clair said...

He is such a hottie. (: I love him!! Vanessa looks great in her bomber jackets, I actually have one from Anthropologie, I think. They have a great Anthropologie in New York, btw.

Alyssa said...

Ahhh! I have found a cardigan fan! my life has been COMPLETED! LOL jk. jk.
Bomber jackets=love. especially the ones on vanessa. I am more of a fan of the darker ones than in gold, so I will be keeping my eye out!

kirsty said...

omg maxxie is soooo hotttttt. i was literally drooling the whole of skins (thank god for the return of skins that's all i can say). although i do think we need more of chris in skins, his one liners are hilarious. (i thought the first ep of skins was a bit rubbish, but now it seems to be back on form).

oh i love bomber jackets too, had a gorgeous checked one from topshop, i haven't seen any metalic ones (although i don't live in new york so i wouldn't be any use to you there anyway!). xx

Jill said...

I like most fits of jeans except for crotch-below-knee baggy & Mitch Hewer is definetly hot.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Those boys are hot i'm feeling all bothered!

soph n terr said...

yes i really really want a bomber jacket or something of the like. cute blog!

Luna said...


Im starting to like Vanessa style. The jacket is awesome. I want one too. ^^

still loving your blog

aschlee said...

I agree the jeans a guy wears is a big deal. I like bootcut on guys, but for me the biggest thing is their shoes. I can't stand guys wearing ugly's one of my biggest pet peeves lol.

Wendy said...

He's really gorgeous! And now I want a colored leather bomber!

iƱaki said...

Hey! I hadn't seen you devoted one of your post to male fashion! I'm sorry, but I don't like any of that guy's outfits... everything looks somehow wrong. But I do agree with you about simplicity. In the summer, I mostly only wear plain t-shirts in white, light grey and beige with light jeans and shorts. It's brilliant.


PS. I am curious, what part of Englad are you from?

Jeff Smith said...

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