Monday, 4 February 2008

Abit about me

(Click all images to enlarge) Today Im gonna talk about my fashion, films and photography. No moaning all ranting no matter how stressfull college was today :)

I sat down and watched Atonement, yeah it was a great film but, although i apriciate oscar nominated films such as this and Brokeback Moutain, the fantastic acting that touches & effects some people I just cannot call them my favourite films. I enjoy films with abit more action and abit more comedy, thats why Im backing Sweeney Todd and Juno this year. Although the costumes in Atonement deffinatly impressed me, but I'm not referring to that beautiful green dress that Keria Knightley wears so well, some of Briony's (Saoirse Ronan was fantastic) and Cecillia's outfits in the earlier part of the film i thought were also great!

Now... i love fashion and I know everyone says that but i think everyone does? Or maybe I don't love fashion, maybe i just want to look my best. My life is probably revolved around clothes. I'm not an extravagant person when it comes to fashion I try to keep it single but lovely. I know this might sound abit odd as there a hundreds of other fantastic fashion idols but id say Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) deffinately inspires me! Ill link to some of my fav outfits worn by her. Heres an outfit i wore to college once, i guess this is me being quite daring wearing a dress and purple tights (Click to see better) I havent taken any pics to actually show my outfits but here are some others that you can see abit.

CLICK: Just an outfit i wore to college... i love my shoes an jeans
CLICK: Wore this to a black & white night on new years eve

Argh now to my photography... not a subject i like to share much :) At college we are more experimenting with photography so I have never actually created anything amazing. Throughout the year we have different projects and Ill just share some of my recent ones with you

This was for my digital imaging class... we had to recreate 4 magazine covers for ID magazine but each had to be a season. I wasnt really happy with my results... i really dont like summer but i got highest grade so :) (Can only find Winter and Autumn will add other 2 when i can find them)

At the moment we are doing Montage photography.... like panaramic photography. I love my room so i desided to do different kind of montages of my room. This one shows all of my room so thought it would be interesting to show you :)

Today I displayed my montages on the wall for the verifyer tomorrow! Heres a pic of my display (click)

I hope i havent bored you to much :)

Let me know what you think


Maxie said...

I love vanessa hudgeons style too :-) She's adorable!

Wendy said...

Ah great recreations of I-D magazine covers. The winter season is captured really well! And I like Vanessa's style but it reminds me alot of Mary-Kate and Ashley's.

John from Grand Haven, MI said...

i like the autumn magazine cover.

Envisage said...

yup vanessa's style is grand and really like the autumn cover

anahita said... have a really nice don't look like you try hard, but you end up looking lovely :) and I love the photography...esp. the room. How the heck do you do that!?!? xxx

Secretista said...

yeaa I think everyone likes to look their best and some don't know how and some are in love with fashion and make it their whole life or just have it a part of their lives. And i'm the last one. it's a part of my life. Vhudgens in a good inspiration for outfits!

shredz said...

I love your style! V Hudgens inspires me heaps to. Somehow she can always pull off that super classy yet youthful look :)

sid said...

Love the whole look and feel of your blog.

Jamie Lovely said...

I loved this entry!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Also, your wish over on the right, is one of mine too!

alexgirl said...

I love your blog! I'm in total agreement about the films. I didn't love Atonement, although Keira looked amazing. I much preferred JUNO, and Sweeney Todd was awesome!
Your photography is great, too. I majored in photography at school, not that that makes me an expert or anything, but I really like the Autumn ID cover. Cool stuff!!!

Charlotte Rose said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I like your blog, I especially love that grey Abercrombie Cardy, soooo nice.

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