Thursday, 6 March 2008

Back from New York

Do you ever buy clothes and love them in the shop... But when you get home and u put them on again u really wish you hadn't spent your money? No no no I'm not moaning I had a FANTASTIC time in New York, me and my mom got on great the whole weekend (wen I was younger we used to argue quite alot) but I was just trying on some of my clothes making some outfits and realised 1 top is 2 tight and others just arnt good lol!
I spent nearly all of my money.. I received $950 (around £450) for my birthdaay... To me that's a hell of alot of money... My family arnt exactly rich. I loved new York it was great! I was there 4 days and shopped nearly every day and did some site seeing as we shopped through! American eagle & forever 21 really impressed me, some great things for ridiculously low prices! But I spent most my money in abercrombie.. I was abit disapponted... The place always makes me feel intimerdated but wasn't as bad as the one in London.. Also they didnt have my size in some jeans I wanted which I didnt think would happen... the shop smells so beautiful!! & now all my new clothes smell like it to! haha but i think its a guys colonge.
After trying everything on I noticed most of my buys were very college boyish... Like I brought some light wash destroyed bootleg jeans... Converse! I got a bomber jacket kinda thing in navy which is like rain coat and my brother thought it was his when he saw it! Was all basic stuff really nothing girls or really fashionable... but I like it... Ive desided to stop worrying about what people think of my clothes and as long as I like it it shouldn't matter... And I know everyone says that... But its a really hard thing to do!
Ill post some outfits tomorrow!
I loved Central Park so much it was so amazing! A man on a bike and cart thing gave us a tour and it was so good he told us everything we ever needed to know about New York lol.
oh and that top photo is me and a few mates at my birthday meal... i know i look disgusting... but my outfit was nice. I didnt really try with my hair and makeup... i thought it was just a small family meal but my mom invited loadsa people including a guy i've loved for years family so I got totally nervous and hot and bothered so I ended up just downing as many shots as possible taking advantage of being 18 to make things easier :)


Maxie said...

sounds like you had a great time! Did you check out H&M? It's a lot like forever21.

And abercrombie and hollister both smell sooooo good... but the loud music kind of bugs me.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

More pictures!

looks like you had such a great time!

anna. said...

yah abercrombie smells amazing.
whenever my freinds wear new things from there, go up to them and smell them!
new york has the best shopping...

Kayleigh said...

Wow, New York! I am so jealous! It's one of my dreams to go to the city and have a massive shopping spree, glad you had a good time. I wana go there to go to Some Odd Rubies, it's this gorgeous vintage clothing shop who sell the most beautiful dresses but only in America.
And happy 18th!

iƱaki said...

It's great that you had such a brilliant time, and even better that you got so many clothes! lol The season change is always the worst time of the year, because you want to wear something you don't have yet!


Nadia (: said...

First, Welcome Back!! well..I don't know but..I'm glad you had fun in NY (:
That's almost a $1,000! That's some serious shopping! lol
I know what you mean about buying something..but then later its
It's like you bought it just to buy caught up spending. lmao
I really love reading your blogs hun lol
Love you! xo

Olivia said...

Bomber jackets are ahmazing. (: Glad you had a great time in New York!! I'm 100% jealous. ;)

Jill said...

Sounds like your birthday celebrations and trip were great. You're right about your buys, even if they aren't 'girly' you like them. They sound really nice by the way. Pictures? I'd like to see some of these purchases.

Wendy said...

Sounds like the best shopping spree ever! I need to get me one of those.

Libbi xx said...

Love the sound of the Bomer Jacket, I'm sure if you wear it in a different way it will not look like a mac, I love New York too and did you go on the ice? Its so fun!
Totally know about that buying then regretting it, I do it so often but i generally like the things again after a while so dont worry! I wish I could go again :)
Glad u had a good time! See u soon,

Aisha said...

welcome back ;), we missed you already!

Glad to read you had a blast in New York. Can't wait to see pictures of your buys, hope you shows us soon ;)

Btw, you asked me to trade links before you left, I've already added you ;)


omg how cute are you?

post your buys, and maybe the stuff you bought just takes some getting used to...? I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to pull it off :)

The Seeker said...

Welcome back!!!
It sounds you liked your trip to NY.
I hope you had lots of fun.
About your buying what really matters is that you like what you bought, in a way or another you'll find a way to work it out.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

AW!! I hope you loved my city as much as I do!! You look like you got some adorable clothes!

Ediot said...

i love that last picture. real nice

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