Saturday, 2 February 2008

Let me be a kid!

Argh I've had a hell of the past few days, todays been ok but yesterday and day before were just a nightmare!

At the moment i'm studying Photography at college, and I only have class Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays... so on a Thursday & Friday I just chill at home watching films and on the net (or playing on sims, is what i like to do lately lol) but my Mom really can't stand the fact I sit at home all day doing nothing, which is fair enough... but not really lol. Shes been pestering me about a job since I've left school... i had one about a year ago and it was terrible! Telesales, cold calling... calling random numbers trying to sell them things, and everyone hates cold callers! It was 6 days a week 4 hours a day and i totally hated it so i quite after 3weeks and aint had a job since. Yeah Id want a job but its to much hassle... know one replies when i apply for jobs and when i go into a shop and ask they auomaticly say no because they think i'm a 12 year old! (I'm quite short you see)
I'm leaving home in 6 months and starting University... and what my ive tried to tell my mom is that im leaving home in 6 months and ill have to get a job and ill have to clean and look after my self and ill hjave to study reallyyy hard so please just let me chill and be a kid while i still got it!
buttt noooooo haha (so now shes refused to give me any money untill i get a job)

Anyway! My parcel came today! As you read my blogs you'll realise I'm and online shopper! I love clothes from America... Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Urban outfitters the rest of it... if your from America your probably thinking... why on earth? because I understand everyone wears them... but for me its good!! No one wears those clothes here and i like to be abit unique.

When it comes to fashion you'll also notice I'm a cardigan girl (if theres such thing) I have like a million cool cardigans. Well thats my cardigan i ordered its abercrombie i love it :)

I got a problem... I've had a full fringe cut in recently... but i have natrually really curly hair and although i spend ages styling it every morning every single day by the time i get to the bus stop its a total messs!!!
Anyone got any tips and advice for me controlling my mad fringe! Im thinking about having it chemically straightened but i heard its really bad for your hair!

Thanks guys :)


Perri said...

Hi Adele! I'm Perri thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I really like your blog too :)

Wendy said...

That cardigan is rather cute, but I bet its pretty expensive. A lot of girls wear A&F and AE here so theres nothing special about these brands. However, its a good option to order clothes from another country because people would less likely have it.

anahita said...

heey! thanks for the comment :) your blog is simply gorgeous, I love it. and you seem to have lovely fashion taste, that cardigan is a great choice. maybe you could post some of your photography stuff up here? I know I'd love to see some xxx

Emma said...

That cardi is stunning. I heart A&F.

And we *should* be allowed to just be kids and lounge about, damnit! :p

shredz said...

Gorgeous cardigan :) I recently got a fringe cut too, and while my hair is naturally almost straight, it can get quite frizzy. I tend to loosely pin my fring back with a bobby pin and create a little puff kind of thing if you get adds texture to the hair and stops it from flying in my face all the time! You could also try experimenting with headbands in different styles and designs - my new loves are Alice bands and the really thick bejewelled headbands! Great blog you have here, by the way! <3

Kayleigh said...

Thanks for the comment!
I know how you feel, I start university this September too and all I want to do until then is lie around my messy room (my sister's fault, not mine) and relax before the pressures of impending adulthood begin!

Anonymous said...

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